Hangnails can be disheartening because they cause severe pain especially when you pull them unknowingly.

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Aside from the pain, they can also attract infections. When you do not address the issue of hangnails immediately, pus starts to build up in your nail, and that causes great pain.

To be safe, you should always take care of your nails to avoid any infections or even the development of hangnails. 

If you need a solution to your infected hangnail, you’re on the right page!

Here you will learn some effective home remedies for treating your infected hangnail. Keep in mind that having pus from your hangnail is not a serious condition. It is completely treatable.

Home Remedies to Remove Pus From Your Hangnail

The primary cause of developing pus from your hangnail is because of a bacterial or fungal infection resulting from the presence of the hanging outer skin.

Here are the best-recommended home remedies you can use to remove pus from your nails.

Aloe Vera Gel


Aloe Vera gel is famous for its high effectiveness in killing bacteria which cause infections. After killing the bacteria or fungi causing the formation of pus, the pus will start always drying and heal permanently.

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Aloe Vera gel is user-friendly as it is not painful on the nail and there are no chemical additives hence the healing process takes the shortest time. 

It is readily available at affordable prices giving you more reasons to prefer this type of natural remedy.

You only need to apply the Aloe Vera gel directly on the infected nail at least three times a day until the pus goes away completely.

Apple Cider Vinegar


This is another home remedy you can use to get rid of the infected hangnail.

The apple cider vinegar works effectively by removing the infected hangnail and allowing a new healthy nail to grow again.

If you continuously use the apple cider vinegar, you will be surprised by how efficient it works. The results show rather fast.

Take one part of the apple cider vinegar and mix with at least double that amount of water. Immerse the infected hangnail in the mixed solution for close to 20 minutes at least three times a day. 

Repeat the same process until the infected hangnail heals completely.



Did you know that the sourness of the lemon plays a significant role in killing bacterial infections?

Well, lemon gets associated with many health benefits.

One of the advantages of using lemon is in killing germs that cause pus formation in the nail. Another benefit is while cleaning the nail, it gives it a clear shiny look.

The best way to use the lemon in removing the pus from your hangnail is by carefully applying the lemon juice directly on the nail the same way you apply nail polish.

You can also cut the lemon into small pieces and squeeze the juice out on the affected nail.

Use the lemon remedy daily to get perfect long-term results.



The yogurt you keep in your kitchen fridge can do wonders in treating your hangnails condition and removing pus in the nails.

Yogurt contains bacteria that fight infections such as that pus from your hangnail.

This power food also acts as a natural moisturizer preventing the hanging nails condition from developing.

To have yogurt work correctly, apply directly to the infected areas then let it sit for one hour before washing it off.

After one hour, wash your nails with clean water without using soap. Apply the yogurt every day until the pus beneath your nails vanishes completely.

Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil Mixture


Mixing coconut oil and tea tree oil gives a perfect remedy for killing infections around the nail as well as removing the pus. 

You should avoid using the tea tree oil alone as it is not safe. 

Mix equal proportions of these two oils and soak your nails for about 20 minutes in the mixed solution.

You can dry off the nails with a clean, dry towel.

Repeat this process on a daily basis until the pus is all gone.

You can also use lavender oil in place of coconut oil. It’s as effective.

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is a great moisturizer that makes sure that your nails are free from dryness at all times. You can get some here.

It also works perfectly in killing bacteria or fungal infections on nails.

To use as a home remedy, soak your nails in the mustard oil every day for about 15 minutes.

One of the notable changes while using the mustard oil is the development of the yellowish tinge on the nails, but this should not worry you because that’s normal.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate properties which act as anti-bacterial to help in fighting the infections of the hangnails.

To use Epsom salt as a home remedy, dissolve a help cup of Epsom salt in a full cup of water.

Soak the infected nails for about 20 minutes. Repeat the same process every day to successfully treat the infected hangnail.

If you want to get positive results faster, soak your nails three times a day in the solution.

Pure Honey

Honey is a very accessible ingredient. It can be found in every household.

Natural pure honey works best to moisturize your nails and avoid dryness which causes hangnails to develop. 

It’s a home remedy proven to have great anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

For this reason, honey works well in killing the bacteria which cause infections on your nails, removing pus in the process.

Take a scoop of pure honey and rub against the infected area, then cover the nails with a clean piece of cloth. Leave the nails for about 2 hours.

Wash the nails with clean, warm water with soap. Repeat the same every day to get the best results.

White Clay

White clay works well in preventing the development of hangnails, and it also works as a skin exfoliant. Grab yours here on Amazon.

The presence of healthy minerals in white clay will remove all the pus in your hangnail.

To make the white clay paste, take one tablespoon of white clay and mix it with three drops of olive oil. Take the paste and gently massage the infected nail.

Wash the nail after about 30 minutes.

Do this daily until you get to see that the pus is all gone from your nail.


Most of us enjoy turmeric as food spice but did you know that you can use turmeric to remove pus from your nails?

Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which aid in the removal of hangnails and pus.

Turmeric works by killing the infectious bacteria which cause pus to form as well as shedding off the painful hangnails.

For the turmeric remedy to work, mix it with mustard oil. Apply the resulting paste on your nails especially on the edges and let the paste sit for about one hour.

Observing this at least twice a day will significantly work to eliminate the pus and remove hangnails successfully.


Calendula is a natural herb which contains antiseptic properties which work well in fighting the nail infections. You can get the ointment here, or another option is the oil.

The calendula remedy has the power to heal wounds, remove irritating skin rashes, and above all work to eliminate hangnails.

You can mix the calendula oil with almond oil.  Before applying the mixture, store it in a dark place for 15 days.

Take out the mixture and apply on the nail cuticles and watch it do its magic. Apply the mixture at least twice per day.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a great remedy that is readily available at affordable prices.

It works well as a natural moisturizer which gives your nails a unique glow. The essential nutrients in the castor oil and the antiseptic properties give a great combination in removing pus in your nails.

For this reason, consider applying castor oil directly on the infected nails and leave the nails for about 30 minutes.

Use a clean, dry piece of clothing to wipe off the oil on the nails.

Repeat the same every day until all it drains all the pus and removes the hangnails.

Golden Seal Herbal Plant

Goldenseal is a herbaceous plant has the power to kill all the infectious bacteria causing the hangnails and the build-up of pus.

To get the best results, take the golden seal extracts and apply them directly to the infected nails.

Cover the nails with a clean cloth for about 30 minutes.

Repeat the same process every day until your nails are healthy again free from hangnails and pus.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great moisturizer to apply to your nails.

The presence of polyphenols properties makes olive oil to be a great antioxidant agent.

For the olive oil to work effectively in removing pus and hangnails, make it a habit of using it daily.

To make the olive oil work, add three drops of the oil into one full cup of clean water.

Stir the mixture and gently massage your nails with the solution for about 30 minutes.

Avocado Oil and Coconut Oil

A ripe avocado is rich in vitamin E which is responsible for nourishing our skin.

When our skin gets nourished, cases of skin dryness will not affect us. This directly translates to the moisturized skin around our nails.

To treat your infected hangnail with these oils, take a ripe avocado and mix it with coconut oil.

This combination works great in eliminating pus from your hangnail.

Apply the mixture on the nails and leave it overnight. Wash your nails in warm water and mild soap.

Use the remedy daily for at least one month.


Saltwater works well in killing bacteria which causes pus inside your nail.

Make three spoonfuls of salts then dissolve it with a bowl of warm water.

Dip your nails for 30 minutes. Repeat the same every day until all the pus goes away.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has analgesic and anti-microbial properties which work in removing pus and hangnails. You can get it here.

For you to successfully remove pus, take one cup of clean water and add three drops of lavender oil.

Stir the two and apply the solution on your nail cuticles drop by drop.  Apply the solution three times a day to get results.

A Few Notes

An infected nail can be such a hassle especially if it develops pus inside. It can interfere with your daily activities. You don’t want that.

By applying some of these home remedies, you’ll be able to save time and money while treating your infected hangnail.

These remedies are proven to work. However, always proceed with caution when doing them. If you feel you have to visit a professional, do so.

Do not just sit around and do nothing because the condition might worsen, forcing you to resort to expensive, medical procedures.

Keep in mind that your overall health depends on how you take care of each of your body parts. That includes your nails!

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