Are Fake Nails Unsanitary?

Having fake nails can help you boost your fashion statement, and a lot of people are jumping in the bandwagon to have it because of its popularity. While these nails are not technically harmful, putting them on and taking them off can involve a lot of acids and cause allergic reactions.

Are Fake nails unsanitary? No, with proper precautions and preventive maintenance, fake nails can be sanitary. These are made from different materials, and they aren’t likely to harm your natural nails. However, fake nails can sometimes cause infections if left unattended.

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In this short read, you will have a better understanding of the possible health risk if you intend to have fake nails.

Possible Problems With Fake Nails

Having fake nails is tough on your real nails. It can cause many problems, and it is essential to know the risk when you decide to have them. Here are among the possible issues that you should watch:

Allergic Reactions

Applying fake nails is rigid and tough, and there are plenty of chemicals to use. From the attachment procedure to the removal procedure, all the chemicals used can irritate your skin. You should look out for some redness, pus, or even swelling around your fingernails. 

Bacterial Or Fungal Infections

Sometimes, you can accidentally bang your fake nails against something. As a result, you might dislodge your real nail from the nail bed. This kind of accident can make a gap between your fake nail and your real nail, and fungus, yeast, and germs can get into.

If you noticed that your nails are turning green, that means you have a bacterial infection. Nail fungus starts with white or yellow spots on your nails.

Preventive Measures For Sanitary And Healthy Fake Nails

There are plenty of ways to make sure that you can safely enjoy your fake nails. Here are among the things that you can do to enjoy them to the fullest:

  1. If you have had nail fungus before, there is a chance that you will get it again if you did not get proper action. In this case, it is better to stay away from artificial nails.

  2. There are fake nails that can be soaked off instead of filed off. You should get that kind of fake nails.

  3. You can always request your manicurist not to cut or push back the cuticles too much. Cuticles help guard your nails against infections.

  4. It is essential to have a cream moisturizer on your nails, especially after you soak it to acetone.

  5. Take a break from fake nails once every couple of months. It will let your real nails breathe and heal properly from the exposure of the chemicals. 


Overall, fake nails are a fun way to express oneself. It becomes an extension of your body, so make sure to take them seriously and practice a healthy hygiene approach. It is essential to have a break every now and then because it helps with the healing process. As always, if you suspect anything suspicious, consult your dermatologist for further evaluation.

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