Can Grey Hair Turn Black Again?

They say hair is our crowning glory. And when discoloration starts seeping into the strands of our hair, we suddenly feel much older. With hope, a question lies: can my grey hair turn black again?

Can grey hair turn black again? The answer is yes. Turning grey hair back to black is possible, but that depends mostly on the cause of the greying.

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This article expands the answer to the question we have above. It briefly explains how hair turns grey, too. So read on.

What Makes Hair Turn Grey?

The color of hair, skin, and eyes, is produced by a particular substance called melanin, which is formed by melanocytes.

Now, when new cells are produced, old cells will be pushed out by the hair follicles, making your hair grow.

Hair growth happens in three stages:

  1. Anagen: growth – During this phase, the hair is actively pigmented.

  2. Catagen: cessation – Unlike in the skin, hair pigmentation is not continuous. It reduces once this phase is reached.

  3. Telogen: rest – In this phase, the hair falls out as it reaches its lifespan, welcoming a new strand in its place. Pigmentation is already absent.

As we age, the amount of pigment injected into each hair strand gets reduced. It is why hair turns grey – and eventually, white.

Can I Return A Grey/White Hair To Black?

There is a study with mice in 2016 about targeted molecular pathways that control hair pigmentation to restore color. After mice exhibited growth of melanocytes in the skin and hair, it is suggested that developing a drug or other therapy to target molecular pathways may help bring back some color to the grey strands.

So yes, with the right treatments and diagnosis, the greying of hair can be reversed. It can turn black. But not all the time. This whole reversing hair color thing mainly depends on the root of greying.

If the problem is age-related or genetic, for instance, it has a very low chance to reverse the process.

If an underlying health problem is probably causing it, consult a doctor to see what can be done. Once the problem is treated, your hair pigment may or may not restore eventually.

Another way to promote pigmentation is by taking in vitamin B12, through pills or shots. Re-pigmentation is possible but not guaranteed after hormone therapy treatment.

Related Questions

1. Why am I having grey hair even if I’m still young?

Many factors lead to early-onset greying of hair. These include genes, melanin deficiency, hormonal imbalance, medical conditions, stress, smoking, and chemicals.

2. How does smoking affect hair color?

Studies show that smoking damages to hair follicle melanocytes, which then leads to premature greying of hair.


While there are ways to promote hair pigmentation and there are possibilities to turn a grey hair back, it is natural for the hair to lose its color. With a balanced diet and proper hair care, it is possible to slow down the greying of hair.

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