Can Stress Cause Dry Hands?

Dry hands are one of the most common issues though it may not seem like a critical condition; it can be irritating. Dry hands are caused by environmental conditions like weather, for instance. Frequent handwashing, medical conditions, and exposure to chemicals can dry your skin immensely.

Can stress cause dry hands? Yes, there is a possibility that it can affect your hands, and it might be the reason why you are having that in the first place. Learning how to control your stress levels will have a huge impact on your skin condition.

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In this short read, you will find various ways to keep your skin hydrated no matter what is causing it. It also includes some remedies for dryness and how to prevent it.

How Stress Causes Of Dry Hands

Stress can affect your body physically and psychologically. It includes your whole body, hair, nails, and your skin in general. Since stress is part of our everyday life, the important thing is to know how to handle it.

Stress can trigger a chemical response in your body that makes your skin reactive and very sensitive. It can also make it hard for people who suffer from skin conditions to heal quickly.

Stress can make skin conditions worse. For instance, stress can aggravate psoriasis and eczema. It can also cause you hives and other forms of skin rashes, and it can trigger fever blisters during a flare-up.

Getting Rid Of Stress On Your Skin

Stress has been a part of everyone’s life, and you cannot avoid it to a full extent. But there are plenty of ways to handle it better. Less stress means a healthier body, and that includes the skin.

The first thing to do is to be aware of your skin. Always take care of it even if you are tired and stressed. Adding exercise to your day to day life will improve your mental state and your physical capacity.

It is good for your skin and the rest of the body as you sweat out toxins of your body. Make sure to have time for yourself and do something that you enjoy. It can be in the form of treating yourself into a spa or just the basic ones like taking a bath or reading a book.

You can also practice some stress management techniques such as yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation. Getting enough sleep is essential as it can reduce stress level hormones and give you glowing skin.

It is also okay to say No and have your limits and boundaries to lower your stress. Lastly, talk to someone; it can be a friend or a professional therapist.


Overall, stress not only can cause dry hands, but it can affect your whole body physically and mentally. It may be normal for our day to day life, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

They can be easily treated with consistent medical interventions. You can also do some nonmedical treatments like yoga and stress management workshops. It will give you moisturize hands and less stress vibe.

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