Can Toxins Come Out Of Your Feet?

If you even in a spa or any alternative health center in your area, you might have seen something called foot detox. As mysterious and intriguing as it sounds, you might need to take a second to learn more about this trend. A lot of people claim this to get rid of the toxins out of your feet. But there’s more information you need to know before diving into this trend.

Can toxins come out of your feet? There is no scientific evidence that foot detox can get rid of toxins in your body. But there are more anecdotes that can prove that it gives them relaxation and stress-free fee feeling.

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In this short read, you will find out all about foot detox and if this procedure will get rid of all the toxins in your body.

What Is Foot Detox?

Foot detox is a procedure that claims to remove toxins from your body via the soles of your feet. It can be done usually by soaking your feet in an ionic foot bath or sticking several adhesive pads. This type of method claims to draw out the toxins and other heavy metals that accumulate inside your body.

Some therapists and proponents of the practice are claiming that the treatment can help to prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, insomnia, and other diseases.

People who have undergone foot detox claim that it is possible to detox the feet with different techniques. It includes the ionic footbaths, foot soaks, and foot scrubs.

Who Should Consider A Foot Detox?

It is open for everyone except for people who have open sores or infections to their feet. People who undergo foot detox can benefit from the relaxation that a warm foot soak can provide. With that being said, it is not necessary to buy expensive foot detox products. It is because there are plenty of ingredients available in your local store that can be used in your foot detox product.

One perfect example of this is the Epsom Salt that can help to detox your feet to make it refresh and clean. Foot soaks can also help revive circulation in your feet, and it will help people who experience athlete’s foot.

Risks And Warnings

This procedure has minimal side effects like nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. If you choose to buy yourself a foot detox equipment, make sure you know how to use it.

If you have diabetes, you should immediately consult first your doctor if it is safe to use it. It is because the process can affect your blood sugar levels. If you have a decreased sensation, you may be more likely to experience burns due to prolonged submersion of your feet in the water.


Getting rid of toxins in your body is still unknown, and there isn’t much research to support the use of foot detox. But there isn’t any reason to suspect the process because as a whole, there are limited side effects to it. Learn to monitor your health and how your feet will react to the soaking procedure. From there, you will have an idea if this is for you or not.

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