Do Acrylic Nails Ruin Your Nails?

Basically, acrylic nails are a combination of powder and liquid monomer, mixed into clay, and molded onto your nails. Many artificial nail designs aim to imitate the appearance of real fingernails as closely as possible. While others may depart in favor of an artistic look, unlike other manicures, artificial nails need frequent maintenance. On average, every two weeks, and can last up to one month.

Do acrylic nails ruin your nails? Having an acrylic nail can ruin your regular nails because it can make them weak, frail, parched, and thin. It’s also possible that infection and allergic reactions may occur.

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As you continue to read on, you’ll realize that acrylic nails will cause harm to your nails. However, there are simple ways on how you can avoid ruining your normal nails.

Effects Of Acrylic Nails       

Yes, acrylic nails will make your fingers look more beautiful, but it also has downsides. Having your nails acrylic done will make your normal nails weak and thin. And with this, it will break and tear your nails as soon as you decide to remove it.          

There are two types of artificial nails: acrylic and gel nails, and both use the same acrylic form. The only thing that separates the gel nails is that it uses ultraviolet light.

A study showed that when the artificial nail broke and the natural nail grows, there’s a gap that formed between them. And when this gap occurred, it provides a dry, moist atmosphere in which the infection of the nails will thrive.                        

Nail infection is likely to occur also when nails are too long or stiff, and if the equipment used is unsanitized.

However, some people believe that acrylic causes no damage if it’s done with a professional; technician. Though this is the case, still, it’s advisable if you follow some precautions to avoid damaging your nails.                           

Ways To Prevent Damaging Your Nails       

Nail Salon That Uses LED Light                    

When you can’t help but have acrylic nails, go to a nail salon that uses LED curing instead of UV curing light. LED light produces lower UV radiation light than that of UV light plus LED cures quickly.      

Skip Cuticle Trimming        

You can ask your technician to skip trimming your cuticles to avoid it being cut. When it happens to cut your cuticles, the bacteria have an opportunity to get into your body easily.

Cuticles help protect your skin and nails from any infection it may cause.          

Licensed Technician And Sterilized Equipment          

You can avoid damaging your nails if you go to a nail salon that has a current license from the state. Another consideration is that the technicians employed there have state-owned licenses, and the equipment used is sterilized.

If you’re not sure that they sterilize the equipment, you can request a new one or better bring your own.             

Maintenance and Occasional Acrylic Nails                    

Since you’ve had your acrylic nail done, maintaining it is essential. So you need to return every two to three weeks. Also, you must limit the time you wear acrylic nails, only on special occasions.            


Overall, having acrylic nails can damage your nails if not being taken care of by the right technicians. To avoid damaging your nails, it’s better if you let professionals do their work on your nails.

Having acrylic nails done is considered by most people as easy. However, getting rid of nail infection isn’t. Remember that it’s okay to have presentable nails, but make sure also that it won’t compromise your health.

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