Does Nail Polish Kill Bacteria?

You should never ignore the fact that bacteria are everywhere, including even your favorite nail salon. If you love having your nails done, you might be among those people who wonder if nail polish can kill bacteria. Besides, isn’t it nice if it can?

Does nail polish kill bacteria? No. Nail polish does not have the active ingredient to be able to kill any bacteria or germs. On the other hand, you can use acetone, a nail polish remover, as it is a natural disinfectant.

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In this short read, you will understand if a nail polish remover can be used in sanitizing and disinfecting your surroundings.

Nail Polish Remover As A Disinfectant

As the pandemic rises, the alarming rate of people who get infected is saddening. People try to do their best to stay healthy and virus-free.

But with stores running out of cleaning supplies due to increasing demand, most people are looking for some alternatives.

The obvious answer is to use bleach, but there is also a valid reason to believe that a nail polish remover can be useful.

Many people don’t realize that acetone, which is a common ingredient found in a nail polish remover, is a natural disinfectant.

The two main ingredients found in nail polish remover are acetone and ethyl acetate, both of which are disinfectants. These two compounds are effective in fighting viruses and bacterias.

The Science Behind Acetone

According to experts, when used in a very concentrated form, acetone can sanitize surfaces.

It is because acetone is a potent bactericidal agent and has considerable value for the routine disinfection of different surfaces.

In some of the reported cases, it showed poor performance because it was not used in a concentrated form. It is also confirmed that it is ineffective when you dilute it with water.

To be able to use its full potential to sanitize things in your home, you would like to use 100 percent pure acetone nail polish remover.

It can sanitize your furniture, beauty tools, and other items.

Just be reminded to not use it on painted wood or other dyed items because it can remove the coat of color.

Other Ways To Use Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover isn’t just for taking off your nail polish. You can use this agent to fix most of your household mistakes. This incline removing permanent marker can stain your houses.

Also, it can be used to remove the ink stain on leather. For sanitizing your metal tools, this is a good alternative for isopropyl alcohol.


To summarize, there are plenty of ways on how you can use your nail polish remover. It might not be only for your nails, after all, as it can be used to fix some of the issues that you are facing at home.

Just always remember to keep it out of reach from children. Acetone is a pretty serious ingredient, and in the hands of children, it can be fatal and can cause irritation.

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