Exfoliating Every Day: This Is What Happens

What Happens If You Exfoliate Every Day?

The process of exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells, thus making it vital to proper face washing.

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However, exfoliating can do more than clean dirt and dead skin cells. If done correctly, it evens out skin tone, improves blood circulation, and more.

But remember, too much of anything may not be good.

What happens if you exfoliate every day? There are three things that are about to happen when you overdo it, the good, the bad, and the ugly truth. Exfoliation keeps the skin glowing, healthy and soft, but overdoing it might only end up drying you out.

Learn more about the effects and possible results when you exfoliate every day.

The Good Effects

Very Clean Skin

Some skin doctors advise patients to refrain from daily exfoliation, but some actually recommend this.

Daily exfoliation will let you achieve a very clean skin – if you do it correctly.

When dermatologists say do not exfoliate daily, what they usually mean is do not use standard scrub.

Both men and women have an outer layer of skin called “epidermal stratum corneum.”

Proper exfoliation must be done on the epidermal stratum corneum for it to tolerate proper cleansing.

Think of it as dirt on your floor. You have to scrub the dirt off before you wash it to clean.

To add up, daily damage from sun and dirt, including age damage, has to be exfoliated before cleansing. Therefore, it is only proper to do it daily.

Smaller Pores

If you choose the proper exfoliation needed for your skin, you won’t damage your skin that much.

There’s no need to use harsh scrub daily for your skin to be exfoliated. You might want to use a chemical exfoliant.

Chemical and physical exfoliant are two different things, so you have to choose the correct one for you.

Nevertheless, your pores will look smaller if you exfoliate daily.

When you clear out your pores regularly, you will reduce their appearance, which leads to minimal breakouts.

Glowing Skin

Since exfoliating clear out dead skin cells, your skin will have an even brighter and healthier glow.

Daily exfoliation will make your skin react and behave differently but in a good way.

Your skin can be tricked into acting like it’s young again as you increase your exfoliation.

So each day, your skin will look younger and brighter as you maintain daily skin exfoliation.

But if you wish to have that extra “wow” factor, you can use a vitamin C serum.

This will surely enhance and highlight your skin’s natural glow even more. Remember to use the serum after you exfoliate so that your skin can absorb every bit of it.

Lesser Skin Discoloration

Patches of discoloration are one thing that builds insecurity, which is why some women resort to full-on makeup.

Regardless if it is a red patch or a dark spot, skin discoloration is something people wish never to have. Fortunately, proper exfoliation will help!

People of young ages shed their dead skin cells every 28 days. But an older person’s dead skin cell hangs on for a month or two.

Hence, skin exfoliation. They may be invisible to the naked eye, but they’re there.

Dead skin cells will give you a dry, rough, and dull feeling, leading to skin discoloration and clogged pores.

The Bad Side Of Too Much Skin Exfoliation


The most common reason why people exfoliate is mainly to avoid breakouts.

Regardless if you’re fighting whiteheads or blackheads, you may think that the more you scrub your face, the fewer breakouts you’ll have.

This assumption may be correct since exfoliation eliminates dead skin and trapped oil that causes breakouts.

Moreso, if you already have breakouts, proper exfoliating will help you heal blemishes faster and reduce any swelling and redness.

However, in a greater sense, exfoliating daily can have the opposite effect.

Take note that exfoliation can strip the skin’s natural oils, which can also cause breakouts.

Whether you use the most expensive face scrubs or a chemical peel, you could still have worse breakouts.

Both exfoliants are great, but with moderation, of course. Using them daily can only cause more harm to your skin.

Lower Cell Turnover

You allow dead skin cells to slough away and create new rooms for new skin cells when you exfoliate.

However, if you exfoliate daily, your skin might react negatively and the opposite of what you expected.

Exfoliating too often can make it difficult for the skin to do its job, which can arise newer skin issues.

Like all the other organs in our body, our skin is smart, too. They shed dead skin cells by themselves, so it can reduce cell turnover if we exfoliate too much.

It can either slow down or stop the body’s natural cell turnover, resulting in acne and other skin issues.

If the above are concerns for you, you might want to think twice before you exfoliate daily.

Dry Skin

Exfoliating decreases oil on your skin, but there’s a catch to that. It actually dries out your skin.

Therefore, daily exfoliating might put you at risk for very dry skin. The first red flag is when you feel that your skin is tightening, which means you’re overdoing the process. 

Also, overdoing exfoliation will most likely create small skin cracks that may lead to skin hydration and inflammation loss. This can lead to eczema, irritation, and breakouts.

The Ugly Truth About Exfoliation

More Wrinkles

If you’re a fan of self-care and maintain a skincare routine, you probably want a refreshing and clean feeling after you exfoliate.

The main goal when you’re exfoliating is to make your skin feel younger and better. If you are not careful with your exfoliation, it might just give you the opposite.

Daily exfoliating might wrinkle your skin more. Sometimes overusing exfoliant will make your skin more prone to wrinkles than not exfoliating daily.

This can lead to chronic skin inflammation and irritation, which can result in faster aging.

Vulnerability To The Sun

Daily face exfoliation will make your face more susceptible to sun damage as it damages the face’s natural protective layer.

This can open up pores while removing the barriers between the environment and your skin, paving the way for skin damage occurrence.

Sun damage is dangerous, as this can lead to all sorts of skin cancer.


We all belong to different skin types and different tolerance levels. The result of over-exfoliation will depend on your skin type and the way you’re doing it.

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