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Curly Hair Men ~ How To Maintain Your Hairstyle TODAY ~ Who said getting dolled up was only for the ladies? As a guy, it can also get pretty boring to stick to the same old hairstyle. 

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If you’re a straight-haired chap longing for experimentation on twists on curls, you’ve come to the right place. Be ready to learn techniques on how to cheat your curls—temporarily or permanently. 

Curly-haired fellows are also more than welcome to join. Here, you can find tips on how to style your naturally curly hair. 

How To Get Curly Hair 

You have a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to copping those coveted, curly locks. Do you want a quick fix or something more permanent? 

Either way, we’ve got the solution for you. 

Short Term Solutions 

If you’re looking for quick fixes, these methods will work for you fast and easy. The only problem? They will only last for a day. 

But, if that’s what you’re going for, this should be no problem for you. 

Using Hair Gel 

This is more of a one-time thing—like attending prom, a wedding, or other special events. What’s good about this method is that it’s quick and easy. 

Here are the steps below: 

Curly Hair Men
  1. Start with damp hair. After taking a shower, towel dries your hair and let it air-dry until it’s not sopping wet.
  2. Comb with hair gel. Take a pea-sized amount of hair gel then apply it onto your hair. Comb your hair to remove tangles.
  3. Go by portions. Once tangles are removed, your hair is ready to be curled. Start going in sections, taking clumps of hair then wrapping each clump around your fingers.
  4. Lock them down. For every clump of hair you’ve twisted around your finger, lock them down immediately with a bobby pin.
  5. Wait for the magic to happen. Sleep on it until the morning. You’ll find yourself waking up with adorable little twirls on your hair!


  • For tighter curls, you can use a pencil instead of your fingers
  • You can also twist each clump for at least a minute if you don’t want to wait overnight

Using Texturing Spray 

Texturizing sprays are revolutionary. Some might consider them the holy grail of quick styling fixes. They do everything from adding volume, minimizing hair grease, or just plain old’ holding a hairstyle just a teensy bit longer. 

If you’re going for the trendy bed-head look, you can also opt for a texturizing sea spray. This is also fairly quick and easy to do. It will take you no longer than 20 or 30 minutes. 

Here are the steps below: 

Curly Hair Men
  1. Start with wet hair. Comb your hair in place to prep it for styling.
  2. Get spritzin’ Mist your hair with the sea salt texturizer. Make sure to spread it out evenly to all parts of your hair. Don’t be afraid to scrunch and move your hair around. This helps form waves and curls to your hair.
  3. Amp it up with a blowdryer. While scrunching your hair and letting the sea salt settle, apply a bit of heat with the dryer to help hold the curls. Keep it at a distance to minimize heat damage.
  4. Keep scrunchin’. Once it’s near dry, chuck the dryer and go back to the scrunching. Feel free to spray more texturizer as you see fit. Remember to scrunch then lift. Put pressure on the grip as well to make the curls tighter.
  5. Finish with spray. Finalize with your texturizing spray to lock down that hold. This helps your curls last longer.


  • It also won’t make much of a difference if you start with damp hair
  • You can also use regular hairspray if you really want all-day curls

On the hunt for that perfect sea salt spray? Try Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray from Sephora. With its moisturizing and SPF properties, it’s definitely worth the price. 

Using Heat Tools 

Let’s be real here. The fastest way you can get curls without sacrificing hold is by using heat. While the previous methods shown are proven to be very quick, easy, and hair-friendly, nothing beats the mighty hair iron. 

Fair warning, though. Too much heat can really do your hair dirty. So, make sure to use this method as a last resort. 

Heat tools are particularly easy to use if you have medium to long hair. For short-haired chaps, it may take a little more work. 

Curly Hair Men
  1. Prep your hair. When using heat tools, using a heat protectant spray is a must before you get on with the process. This will protect your hair from heat damage.
  2. Isolate sections of your hair. Proceed with the curling by taking your hair into portions then ironing them one by one.
  3. Lock the curls down. For a more lasting hold, spritz your mane with a bit of hairspray to keep them all in place.

This method can prove to be a little bit more complicating if you’re not used to heating tools. Here’s an instructional video on how to curl your hair with a flat iron:


  • You can either use a straightener or a curler as your tool of choice (whichever you’re most comfortable in will do)
  • Short-haired fellas, those with hair of about two to three inches in length, can use a curling iron with a very thin barrel for easier curling

Choose a gentle hair iron made from ceramic. Here’s a GHD flat iron from Amazon.

Long Term Solutions

Say you’ve tried curly hair once and you happened to love your new look. You’ve decided to commit to it! 

If this is the case, perhaps a long term solution may be more fitting for you. Keep in mind that short term solutions require rather harsh methods for the sake of speedy results. On the other hand, long term solutions require patience since it involves training your hair to be more curly. 

Simply put, you’d have to keep a routine in check in order to form your hair to achieve the curls you want. 

Using Oil 

Oil alone does not magically give you luscious curls. You must have time, patience, and a head cap to wear overnight. 

Here are the steps to training your hair with Moroccan oil: 

Curly Hair Men
  1. Start with damp hair. The perfect time to apply moisturizer is in the evening when you’re about to sleep. Applying Moroccan oil will provide moisture and strength to your hair. Plus points if you leave it on overnight.
  2. Wrap your hair with a tight head cap. Sealing your hair perfectly with a tight head cap will help from curls for your hair. Wait it out until the morning.

By the time you wake up, you’ll notice that your hair might slightly curl. Repeat the process once or twice every week. This will keep your hair lighter and silkier, thus resulting in healthy curls. 


  • You can also use coconut oil or olive oil in place of Moroccan oil
  • If you find a tight head cap uncomfortable, use a plastic head wrap instead

Getting A Perm 

You may have heard about perming being harmful to the hair. We’re not denying that. Perming cuts through the hair cuticle and the shaft which eventually leads to damage. It is also extremely drying for the hair. 

If you’re aware of the consequences and still choose to do so, then you should arm yourself with the knowledge of how to care for damaged or dry hair. 

Perms are perfect for those with thick, voluminous hair. You may find that the above methods may not be sitting well with you. Now, here you are, with the thought of going above and beyond for the glory of curls.

When getting a perm, keep in mind these tips: 

Curly Hair Men
  1. Perms are a commitment. Not a lifetime one, but they’ll be with you long enough to make you either regret it deeply or want more of it once it passes. 
  2. Never settle for a mediocre stylist. Granted, all stylists know more about hair than you ever will. The key is to find one who understands how your hair works. A knowledgeable and tenured stylist will know if a perm is right for you or not. Don’t look for someone who’s just in for a quick buck.
  3. Good perms are never cheap. Perms will be with you for about half a year. You better go all in or go home. 
  4. Don’t forget the aftercare. Like dying your hair, perms also require a bit of routine switch up to maintain their longevity. Consult with your stylist about products that will work best for permed hair. 

Hairstyles For Curly Hair 

No matter your hair length, you’ll never really run out of options when it comes to styling curly hair. These locks are a very quirky bunch, making them fun to play with. 

Let’s start with short hairstyles. 

Short Curly Hairstyles 

Most men tend to cut their hair short to eliminate their lovely curls! First of all, that will only work on some types of curls. 

But did you know that short hairstyles can greatly enhance the look of your curls as well? 

Extra Short Curls 

There are days where you just want your curls on the down-low. Getting this look serves a purpose—to covet a naturally tousled look. 

Fade or Undercut 

Perhaps the most popular look in the short hair category is the fade or undercut. They’re comfortable, fashionable, and versatile. It looks good on almost everyone while adding that oomph to any look or outfit. 

Finish the top off with a crew cut or cropped top to direct focus on your curls. 


Feeling extra edgy? Turn your fade up a notch with a buzzcut. This creates a very neat look and makes you look put together. 

Finish the top off with a crew cut or cropped top to direct focus on your curls. 

Medium-Length Curly Hairstyles 

Did you know? The current look for handsome chaps right now are mostly medium-length hairstyles. 

These usually start with short sides, with the hair growing longer as it nears the center top.

Curly Pompadour 

Cop a vintage look with the pompadour. The main characteristic of a pompadour is a swept-up top that is usually worn high over the forehead. 

They can also be swept up high to one side of the head. 

Curly Bowl Cut 

Bowl cuts in the modern world are a highly risky look. In order to pull it off, you’ll need confidence and pizzazz! 

If you’ve got it, why not flaunt it? 

Long Curly Hairstyles 

The beauty of long hair is having creative freedom—and you get to prove to females that you can do it better! 

Long hair may be the hardest to manage, though. But with the help of good styling products and determination, you’ll be more than proud to strut the streets with your pretty, long locks. 

The Man Bun

Despite being originally worn by females, this is a simple look that exudes masculinity. You may even argue that boys can pull off this look better than girls. 

To each their own, though. 

Long Curls With Texture

This is essentially just letting your naturally curly man locks let loose. And to do that with grace, you will need moisturizing products to minimize dryness that curly locks innately have. 

Opt for a hair mousse that gives a subtle sheen to your hair, making it look healthy and vibrant. Try this one from Amazon.

Best Products For Curly Hair 

Curly-haired fellas must break away from the normalized straight hair routine. Since curly hair is naturally oilier in the roots and drier in the shaft, you must focus on creating and locking in moisture for your hair. 

Try these bath essentials: 

  • K+S Men’s Shampoo – Cleanses the scalp really well and contains tea tree oil which stimulates the scalp and keeps hair follicles healthy. It can be used for everyday wash. 
  • ArtNaturals Argan Oil Hair Conditioner – Argan oil is increasingly becoming popular among hair products. This is because argan oil moisturizes the hair and scalp without leaving unwanted residue.

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