How Can I Exfoliate My Feet At Home?

A dry, cracked or calloused foot may stop you from wearing your favorite open-toe shoes. Having these feet problems may lead to a wounded one, and when it is, it hurts. But you can avoid these foot problems if you have some simple steps on how to exfoliate your feet at home.

How can I exfoliate my feet at home? You can exfoliate your feet at home by doing a foot scrub, using a pumice stone, and oatmeal scrub. Remember that to avoid dry, dead skin in your feet, moisturize it regularly.

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In this article, you’ll learn that making a scrub and applying it to your feet can exfoliate it. We will also mention the causes of dead skin on our feet.

Do-It-Your Own Exfoliation Methods You Can Try AT Home

Foot Scrub

There are pharmacies and drug stores that offer over-the-counter foot scrubs. You need to look for one that has granules that can help you scrub away dead skins. Or, you can make your foot scrub by diluting two tablespoons of sea salt. That has equal amounts of lemon juice or baby oil.

Use a foot scrub by applying it directly to your foot and gently rub it with your palm. You can also use a foot scrub brush or a sponge because it can remove dry, dead skins.

Use a Pumice Stone

In case you didn’t know, a pumice stone is a natural lava stone. Which can help remove dry, dead skins and calluses in your feet. Here are some of the procedures that you can do.

  1. First, dip the pumice stone in warm water then soak your feet too in warm water for 10 minutes.

  2. Then gently move the stone into a circular or sideways motion in your foot. Remember to focus on removing the top layer of the skin and not all dry, dead skins. Because it’ll help remove the healthy cell turnover.

  3. Apply a lotion or oil after you soften your feet.

Remember not to use a pumice stone to wound or sore areas.

Oatmeal Scrub

Another scrub that you can make at home uses oatmeal. To make this type of scrub, mix the equal part oatmeal with rosewater or milk to make a paste. Then when done, follow these simple steps:

  1. Apply an oatmeal scrub to your feet and let it leave for 20 to 30 minutes.

  2. Use a foot brush so your foot can exfoliate.

  3. Then rinse it with cold water and let it dry.

  4. After you dry it, apply a foot cream.

You can perform this every other day for better results.

Causes Of Dead Skin In Your Feet

First on the list of dead skin is a lack of moisture due to continually using closed shoes and socks.

  • It may also cause friction from running or walking.

  • Dead skin is also formed if you don’t take care of your feet by not scrubbing it.

  • It is a skin forming on the feet, which is your foot’s way exfoliating and shedding dead skin cells.


In general, there are lots of ways on how to exfoliate your foot at home, like making a scrub using oatmeal. That you can avoid having a dead skin in your feet if you moisturize it regularly. We also listed some of the causes of dead skin in your feet for you to avoid it.

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