How Can I Improve The Circulation In My Feet And Toes?

Good circulation in your body allows tissues to take in nutrients properly. It will also eliminate all the waste and an essential function for long term health and strength. Having poor circulation will only cause your health concerns but it can be improved with simple everyday habits and making changes to your diet.

How can I improve the circulation in my feet and toes? Incorporate exercise into your routine. Walking, for example, ensure your blood flows appropriately throughout your feet and legs. Stretching and positioning your body will make a lot of difference too for blood circulation to your feet and toes.

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In this short read, you will be more familiar with some actions needed to help the blood circulation in your toes and feet in general. Let’s get into it.

Improving Circulation To Your Feet

If you usually have some cold or swollen feet, it could be a problem with poor circulation. For the most part, there is nothing to worry about, and it is very easy to fix. If you think you are suffering from poor circulation, there are a few things you can do to improve it.

Regular exercising

Having a regular exercise will immensely improve circulation in your body. Clinical professionals recommended having at least 150 minutes of exercise every week. It is from walking, running, some sports or just plain going to the gym.

It is very important to move your feet and toes when you are inactive too. If you sit on the sofa, or just lying in bed, make sure to wiggle your toes and flex your ankles. It is to get your blood moving even if you are sitting or relaxing in bed.

Eating healthy food

High cholesterol has a significant impact on your heart and circulation. It is why you need to make sure you are eating healthy foods, and that includes fresh fruit and vegetables. Try to avoid fatty foods to keep your cholesterol in check. Sugar should also be consumed in the lowest amount as possible.

Eliminating stress

Being stress all the time can impact your blood pressure, which can impact your hearth. It will affect its ability to circulate blood throughout your body. To avoid stress, try to find some activities you enjoy or meditate to keep you calm and stress-free.

Propping up your feet

If your feet are prone to swelling, you should try to elevate them using a pillow. Try to do this when you are in bed or just relaxing on the sofa. To be exact, your feet should be above your heart to boost circulation.


Overall, there are plenty of ways to fix issues with poor circulation. It is essential to follow these preventive measures to make sure your heart is pumping blood properly. It will give proper blood flow to your legs to your feet to avoid any complications. If you noticed any irregularities, consult your doctor to avoid any possible complications.

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