How Do I Clean The Heels Of My Feet?

Practicing foot care will give you relief because you don’t have to worry about infections and bacterias. Unclean feet can be a danger to your health because it could result in multiple illnesses and fungal infections. It might not look dirty, but it is always recommended that you wash them daily as keeping your feet always dry and clean is your only weapon to fight these health issues.

How do I clean the heels of my feet? Try a foot soak. It cleans the feet, allows you to relax, and removes thick, dead skin cells building upon the heels of your feet. Include it in your foot care routine, involving the different ways to ensure that your feet get all the love and care.

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In this short read, you will learn different ways of taking care of your feet in general and some ways to take care of those heels who have been working so hard every day.

Feet First

When it comes to your daily life, you might not always give emphasis on your foot care. Yet your feet follow your pace and serve you well in different ways. Many factors influence your overall foot health. It may be from your occupational and sports activities, footwear choice, and overall foot hygiene.

To remain on track, your feet need to be pampered every now and then. For foot care, maintaining overall excellent hygiene is essential. You need to use soap that is very gentle and rinse your feet properly after washing them.

Drying is vital as it gets rid of too much moisture left in your feet. It is also advisable to apple some moisturizer before going to bed and wears well-fitting shoes.

Ways To Treat The Heels Of Your Feet

As mentioned, your feet are your bodies’ workhorses, but they don’t get enough love and support. Especially your heels, when they are your support whenever you walk and stand. You don’t need a spa to take care of them. You can spend a few minutes on foot care and choosing the right shoes and heels.

Foot Soak

If you enjoy foot soaks, find some time in your busy day and have your feet soak in your warm water and add your favorite essential oil. Not only that, but this is also good for your feet. It will also help you relax and what a great day to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon.

Foot Scrub

When it comes to foot scrubbing, it is one way of getting rid of those dead skin cells. It is mostly useful for your heels because it will clean and get rid of those thick calluses. Making it soft, clean, and healthy-looking. It is among the most common procedures you often see in a foot spa.


Overall, foot care should be taken seriously to avoid all kinds of infection and bacteria. They are meant to be done every now, and it is nice to have a break from your busy day and pamper them. Cleaning the heels of your feet through scrubbing and foot massage is an excellent way to get rid of those thick skin, and you will be smooth, soft, and rejuvenated after the procedure.

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