How Do I Detox My Feet?

Nowadays, there’s a huge spike when it comes to alternative health salon businesses. They offer a wide variety of different body care, and that includes foot detoxes. This procedure removes all toxins and heavy metals in your body. However, there’s not enough scientific study that can prove this, but people still do it.

How do I detox my feet? There is an Epsom salt foot soak, where you soak your feet in a cup of Epsom salt in warm water. Also, some apple cider vinegar soak as well as baking soda and sea salt soak. You can also opt for a professional one, which is the Ionic foot detox.

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There are plenty of ways to detox your feet, and nail salons nowadays offer different foot care. In this article, you will discover the science behind foot detox and some of the most popular detox methods that are getting a lot of buzzes today.

What Is A Foot Detox?

Foot detox is a type of foot care that removes all toxins and all possible heavy metals from your body through the feet. Many people claim that this type of foot care will benefit the body’s pH balance, reduce the swelling, boost your mood, and an excellent way to relieve stress.

It is also believed to increase your immunity to any illness, aids in weight loss, improve your overall health, and destroy all harmful microorganisms.

Foot detox is open mostly for everyone, except those people who are suffering from an open sore or infection in their feet. They can all benefit from the relaxation that a warm soak will be able to provide.

It is a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate after a long day to revive the circulation in the feet. It can also benefit people who are experiencing an athlete’s foot.

The Popularity Of Foot Detox

A foot detox has been getting popular lately as an alternative way to get rid of any harmful toxins in the body. These toxins range from impurities in the air, chemicals present in your home, and some beauty products. With its popularity, there is a rise for the iconic foot detoxes in many health and wellness spa.

Ionic foot detox is designed by pulling all the toxins out of your body by your feet. A popular example of an ionic foot detox is the IonCleanse foot detox bath. It is advertised to be a safe and relaxing way to clear all those impurities inside your body. It uses an ionizing machine that works to ionize the bathwater.

This procedure is said to give the hydrogen compound in the water some positive charge. This type of charge will attract the negatively charged toxins in your body.

The ions found in the bathwater can hold a charge that will enable the binding of heavy metals and toxins in your body. This procedure is somehow related to how magnets work and will eventually pull out the toxins through the bottoms of your feet.

Scientific Research Of Foot Detox

Although there is limited research about food detoxes, there is evidence suggesting that the practice is not technically effective. According to some researchers, they found out that IonCleanse foot bath did nothing much to reduce the toxins inside of the body. It didn’t have much impact on the body to stimulate and remove the toxins by itself.

But for many people who keep on exercising it, they claimed that it helps their body and they feel more relax and toxins-free. It is just worth noting that some of the evidence in support of this practice is purely anecdotal.

Benefits Of Doing A Foot Detox

If you look into your feet’ anatomy, you will notice that your feet have a lot of nerve endings and sweat glands. It is why this is the ideal place in the body to detox and de-stress.

Allowing your feet to soak in hot or warm water is a very calming and relaxing activity. Especially hot foot bath, because it reduces the swelling of some parts of your feet, boosts your immune system, and improves your overall health and condition.

There’s even a recent study where hot baths can also help burn calories, boost your cardiovascular condition, and encourage normal blood sugar levels. It also aids in easing mental distress while improving your well-being and sleep pattern.

Even the ionic foot bath manufacturers claim that it also eliminates alcohol, acids, bleach, alkali, detergents, and other toxic metals in the body.

It is also worth mentioning to add the right kind of footpads while detoxing. It can have unique benefits that can stimulate the kidney acupressure point to release some tension and support in the body.

Risks And Warnings

As in every procedure, there’s always some risk and warnings, and that also applies to foot detoxing. Some side effects can lead to nausea, vomiting, and some slight dizziness. If you are planning to get your very own foot detox machine, make sure to get familiar with it and use the machine correctly.

If you are a person who has diabetes, you should first ask your doctor about foot detox. The procedure may affect your blood sugar levels. Especially if you have a decreased sensation, you are most likely to experience some burns because of the prolonged submersion in the bathwater.

Types Of Foot Detox

There are plenty of foot detoxes available now. One great example is the Ionic foot baths, which are widely available in every healthcare center and wellness spa. There are also some at-home versions you can try on. However, there are also plenty of methods to detox your feet and here are some of the popular types of foot detox you can choose from:

Foot Soak

Foot soak is the generic form of a detox bath. It is just your feet being immersed in warm water. Some people add some Epsom salts or their favorite essential oils for some aromatherapy.

Foot Masks

Having masks can add more benefits to just plain detox of your feet. A clay foot mask can clean and soften your feet. Usually, people will apply the foot mask and set it on for a short time before washing it off.

Foot Scrubs

A regular foot scrubs not only clean your feet, but it can also detoxify it. It removes all dead skin cells and eliminates food odors. After the foot scrub, you can accompany it with a foot massage that will relax and reduce tension in the muscles.

Foot Detox Recipes

If you do not have the means to get an ionic foot bath, you can always opt for a more DIY-friendly approach. Here are among the most popular foot detox mask and scrubs for soothing all those crack heels, softening your feet, and easing all sore muscles.

Charcoal Foot Mask

There is a high percentage that you already encounter and have a charcoal face mask somewhere in your beauty storage. Activated charcoal is known to remove all impurities out of your body. They are good for your face, but they are also safe for use on your feet. Try to apply the mask on your feet’ soles, scrubbing it very gently after it dries for an exfoliating effect.

Bentonite Clay Foot Mask

Just like activated charcoal, bentonite clay has been used for centuries now. It is also a safe ingredient for your feet’ detoxification. You can combine a ½ cup of bentonite clay, six tablespoons of ACV, and three tablespoons of water.

It is the perfect amount to create a clay-textured mask. Leave it on the bottom of your feet until the mixture starts to dry. Once it is craving off, you can proceed to scrub and rinse it off.

Epsom Salt Soak

Last but not least is the infamous Epsom Salt Soak. They are very common and popular when it comes to foot soak as they have a lot of benefits for your feet. For an added soothing effect, you can fill a large bowl or even your bathtub with hot water and add the Epsom salt. It is known to help sore muscles relax and a perfect option to try for tired and overworked feet.


Overall, foot detox might not have enough scientific evidence that it removes toxins out of the body. But it is clear at this point that it helps alleviate stress and introduce relaxation for your body.

If you wish to learn foot detox and its benefits a little deeper, you can first explore your options by just having a foot soak. Soaking your feet in hot or warm water with essential oils or an Epsom salt will be an excellent start to refresh and rejuvenate your feet.

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