How Do I Keep My Feet Healthy?

Your heart needs a lot of tender loving and care, but so does your feet. After all, they are the ones responsible for making sure you can walk and enjoy the outdoors. They bear the weight of your body every step of the way. So it is natural to take care of them the same way you take care of the other parts of your body.

How do I keep my feet healthy? To keep your feet healthy, make sure to wash it daily with soap and water. Carefully dry them between the toes and avoid walking barefoot in public places. It is essential always to keep them dry and wear socks that can absorb extra moisture.

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In this short read, you will find out some of the best tips on making sure your feet are healthy and how to keep it that way.

Tips To Keep Your Feet Healthy

Healthy feet are essential to make sure you are staying active and feel good about your everyday life. If you neglect foot care, you are leading to unnecessary pain and other foot issues. So make sure to give them some time and practice foot care.

Keep Them Clean And Dry

Healthy feet starts with good hygiene, making sure you clean and scrub your feet with soap and water when taking a shower. And once it is all clean, dry them properly. It is the crucial part because fungal organisms like to stay in moisture and not giving them a place to stay will make it easier for you to have clean and healthy feet. Get those in between toes and make sure they are dry.

Examine Your Feet For Problems

Prevention is better than cure, so it is essential to examine your feet once a week. You can do this when you take a shower or a bath. As you are in the process of drying your feet, make sure that there are no cuts or blisters. Take a good look at your soles to see if there are any cracking or peeling areas. If you see any, this might be an indication of an athlete’s foot.

Cut Nails Properly

When cutting nails, make sure you cut it straight and try to avoid too close to the skin. It is not recommended to have it drastically cut rounding the corners of the nails. It can only cause painful and ingrown toenails.

Protect Your Feet In Public Spaces

Whenever you are in public areas, make sure to wear protection for your feet. For instance, wear some shower shoes at the gym, in the locker, or at any public pool. These places are mostly filled with fungi that can get inside of you if you failed to protect your feet.


Overall, our feet are worth the care after all. They are one of the most hardworking parts of our body and feet tend to mirror the body as people age. It is why some doctors used our feet as an indication if there’s something wrong with our bodies. Keep an eye on your feet for any changes, irritation, or pain. Just be mindful also to think about what you put on your feet.

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