How Do Nail Salons Sanitize Tools?

Getting your nails done can be a relaxing experience, yet most of the time, you ignore the potential of germs that the salon might transmit. Here is some reality check for you, even the nicest salons can practice less than the average cleanliness procedures.

How do nail salons sanitize tools? Nail salons use Barbicide, UV light sterilizer boxes, and other chemical solutions to disinfect their tools. One of the best devices that works completely to sanitize and sterilize instruments is called an autoclave.

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Find out how these nail salons cleanse their nail tool kits in this article as well as the red flags that your nail salon isn’t hygienic enough.

Sanitizing Methods Used By Nail Salons

When it comes to people’s nails, they are quite particular on what needs to be done. It is somehow becoming a ritual many people partake to make sure they have lovely manicures and pedicures. Whether or not you believe it, there are some serious implications if these services happen to be done in a very unclean environment and dirty tools.

Cleansing Your Tools

When it comes to cleaning tools, a lot of nail specialists start by washing their hands with soap and water. Using a scrub brush that is submerged in isopropyl alcohol, you can begin scrubbing and cleaning your nail tools.

It is essential to add an antibacterial soap to your brush and use it to scrub your nail clippers, glass nail files, and some callus removing tool. Their goal is to remove any debris build-up. After scrubbing, the shoulds should be rinsed off by hot water until all the soap is gone.

Disinfecting Your Tools

Disinfecting your tools is essential because it will help eliminate any bacteria present in your nail kits. Nail specialists normally place their nail clippers, glass nail files, and other tools into a clean bowl. Using isopropyl alcohol, they will proceed by covering the tools altogether.

They advised it to sit all the tools in the solution for about 30 minutes. In the absence of alcohol, an alternative way is to boil all your metal tools in water for about 20 minutes.

Since this is the disinfecting part of the process, it is essential to have your hands cleaned before picking up the disinfected tools. Make sure to dry all the tools with a clean paper towel thoroughly.

Storing Your Cleaned Tools

For storage, all nail salons have their respective clean storage for all these cleaned tools. They do not use plastic bags or plastic containers as they can be a breeding ground for unwanted bacterias. They are wrapped in a clean paper towel and a designated clean drawer.

Nail Tool Maintenance

Nail tools are responsible for ensuring that your nails are looking flawless and great for both manicures and pedicures. They usually scrape, clip, shave, file, and eventually capture bacteria in the procedure.

To utilize most of their capacity and kill any microorganism, nail tools should be disinfected appropriately. These tools include files, buffers, cuticle cutters, tweezers, callus removers, clippers, scissors, and other nail implements.

Sterilizing Using Autoclave

When it comes to nail tool maintenance, you want to determine if your tools are properly disinfected or better yet sterilized. Using an autoclave is one way to do that as it acts like a toaster, and tools are kept in a small disposable plastic envelope.

Whenever there is a new client that comes in, any other tools like buffers and files should be changed. Some salons even offer you your files where you can take it home with you as a gift. You should be seeing them take your tools out of an autoclave pouch.

Know When To Leave

If they did not come in with an autoclave pouch, it is your right to ask if those tools are properly sanitized. If they look like they are in bad shape looking tool, you should leave the premises immediately.

Also, keep in mind that pumice stones cannot be disinfected, so either you have to bring your own or decline that part of the service.

Nail Salon Red Flags

Neglecting your nails will not do you any good, so it is better to have a proactive lifestyle on making sure they are taken care of. When it comes to finding the perfect nail salons, here are some of the things you need to consider before making an appointment:

Visual Cleanliness

If you are looking for the best nail salon in your area, it is essential that their salon, in general, is clean visually. The salon needs to look spotless, and they have clean surfaces because it indicates that they follow good hygiene practices as a whole. There should be no grime on their countertops, no streaky mirrors, or even the tiniest stray of nail clipping is visible.

You should check their comfort room as well and make sure it is nice and sanitary. Check the magazines and make sure it is up to date to see how often customer reading material gets tossed. It is essential because old magazines are a mecca for germs if lots of fingers are flipping through them.

Observe The Nail Specialist

Nail specialists should follow proper clothing. Because if they are wearing a stained uniform, they send a clear message that professional cleanliness is not their priority. It will show the overall hygiene practice of the nail salon itself. As a result, you will end up questioning how clean and safe their tools and equipment are.

Check their storage tray, and the tools inside should be totally clean. An alert specialist is more likely to do unhygienic work or accidentally cut a customer in the middle of the procedure.


Overall, it is a known fact that you should always voice out your concerns if you find any unhygienic procedures in any nail salon. If something does not feel right, let them know so they can act accordingly. Most nail salons practice safe hygiene because they put their customers’ concerns first. All nail tools are subjected to rigorous cleaning to ensure that it is safe to use for customers.

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