How Do You Fix Poor Circulation In Your Feet?

Most people associate cold feet with poor circulation, which might be true but there are also far more serious symptoms and complications that can occur. It is an unpleasant symptom of impaired blood flow, not to mention aging and cold weather can expand these symptoms. For this reason, it is very important to help others to improve their foot circulation during wintertime.

How do you fix poor circulation in your feet? To fix poor circulation in your feet, keep on moving. Make sure to exercise regularly to increase circulation to your feet and give them some pampering afterward. It is also recommended to avoid smoking and have a healthy balanced diet.

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In this short read, you will have a better understanding of how to circulate blood into your feet properly.

Tips To Improve Circulation

A lot of people overlook circulatory health but is it very important to give attention to as we age. Do not wait until you see any symptoms and practice a proactive lifestyle to avoid poor circulation.

Healthy Diet & Weight

Practicing a healthy diet can have an immense effect on lowering blood pressure. It can be done by eating delicious foods like berries and dark chocolates. High blood pressure is known to be a silent killer because it shows no symptoms. But it leads to things like decreased circulation and PAD.

Make sure to indulge in natural delicacies like pomegranates, sweet potatoes, salmon, and olive oil. These lovely foods can improve circulatory function and will help maintain a healthy weight. It will improve your heart functions and reduces strain on your feet.


The more you move, the better for your heart. You should try to do some low-impact exercises like yoga, walking, swimming and they are great, especially for seniors. Incorporating exercise in your daily routine will have a positive impact on your overall health though some people need in-home services like physical therapies.


For people who are experiencing restricted blood flow, you can try to do some elevation of feet and legs. Having a recliner is a big help as it is made to provide you with enough elevation for circulation.

If you do not have one, you can place a pillow under the calves to life the feet while resting. You can also do this while lying in your bed to make sure that even though you are resting, you still find some time to have proper circulation in your body.

Warmth & Compression

Having enough pressure can increase your blood flow. It is why it is recommended to have compression stockings or pneumatic compression devices.

The pressure that is delivered through a foot massage can also increase circulation and can reduce the swelling and pain. For added warmth, you can put extra socks or a blanket to counteract the blood flow restriction.


Overall, foot circulation might not be on top of your list when it comes to overall health concerns. But heart health and circulation is the most important because it can cause serious issues.

When you have a foot circulation issue, you might need to take it seriously as there is an underlying illness behind it. Make sure to ask your doctor on how to deal with these so you can prevent it from spreading any further damage.

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