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How Fast Does Hair Grow In A Month?

Hair growth is something that many men and women are concerned with. Everybody wants to have thick, luscious hair. Some people wait for their hair to grow naturally while others wear wigs, toupees, and extensions.

How fast does hair grow in a month? On average, our hair only grows about an inch longer in one month. How fast and how much hair grows over a month depends on several factors. These include genetics, age, the hair products we use, and the climate we live in.

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I will talk about how long will it take for hair to grow in this article. Aside from that, I will explain some of the factors that may affect how your hair is growing.

Speed Of Hair Growth

Human hair is growing every single day even if you may not notice it happening. The average growth rate is about half a millimeter per day. A more precise measurement would be 0.44 millimeter every day. If you calculate how much hair grows in a month or 30 days, it would be just over one inch.

Factors That Affect Hair Growth

Sometimes hair does not grow as quickly as we would like it to. Many factors have an impact on how fast or how to slow hair grows. Those factors include the following:


Our genetics play a huge role in hair growth. Some people naturally have very thick and voluminous hair. They also grow hair very fast. If you are struggling to grow your hair, this may be frustrating and disappointing to hear. Unfortunately, you can’t do much about this since you cannot change your genetics.


Another is our age. As we grow older and start the aging process, hair growth becomes slower. In addition to this, the hair also becomes thinner and more brittle. Once you grow older, you may notice your scalp is starting to show more.

Hair Products

Most people shower and wash their hair every day. Some even wash their hair twice in a day. While this might seem like a hygienic habit, it is not very good for your hair. Nowadays, most shampoos available in the market contain a lot of sulfates and parabens. These are very drying and strip the hair of natural oils. Also, they can cause a great deal of hair fallout.


The climate that you live in could also be affecting how fast or slow your hair grows. The heat has a strong effect on the appearance and health of hair.


Stress not only affects us from the inside but on the outside as well. It can negatively effect the skin and hair. If you are too stressed out and under pressure, you might experience hair loss. It will affect the growth rate of your hair.


For the average person, hair only grows a little over an inch each month. It could grow longer or shorter in a month, depending on genetics, stress, hair products, age, and other factors.

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