How Often Should You Soak Feet?

Having your feet soak in a tub of warm water is a comforting and nice feeling after a long day. A foot soak is beneficial to your muscles as it soothes and hydrates your skin. It can also relieve some pains and aches due to standing for hours or from walking in uncomfortable shoes.

How often should you soak feet? You should soak your feet for 30 to 60 minutes twice a week. It is enough time to relax and hydrate your feet fully. For an added boost, you can add a few drops of diluted peppermint or lavender oil. Moisturize your feet after soaking them.

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In this short read, you will find out about the benefits of a feet soak and how long you should be soaking your feet in the water.

The Benefits Of Soaking Your Feet

Soaking your feet does not only soothe your body, but it can also have the power to alleviate symptoms of colds and flu. The most obvious health benefit of soaking your feet is the ultimate relaxation. Some therapists recommend soaking your feet in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes. It can improve your mood, energy level, and sleeping habits.

Fights Fatigue

It might sound counterproductive, but foot baths can be both calming and energizing at the same time. They can simultaneously soothe, awaken your body, and boost your mood. It also helps in lowering blood pressure and improve your sleeping habits. Foot baths can also help with depression as it eliminates tension, confusion, anger, anxiety, and hostility.

Softens And Beautifies The Feet

If you’ve been to a nail salon and have your pedicure done, you know that soaking your feet in warm water is a must. This process helps to reduce the presence or the appearance of typical foot concerns like calluses, corns, and dry skin.

Stamps Out Stress

Foot soaks are naturally soothing, and with just one soak, it will calm your mind and body into a state of relaxed bliss. As a result, this can improve your cognitive function, boost creativity and work habits, and improves your overall mood.

If you add aromatherapy or any essential oils, it can increase these health benefits. It will lead you to ultimate tranquillity and a satisfying way to unwind after a very long stressful day.


Overall, soaking your feet under the water has a lot of benefits, and it can improve your mood. It is one way of using the healing power of water to bring relaxation and draw toxins out of your body.

Only a few minutes of soaking your feet can help you relax and hydrate your skin. It can relieve pains from standing or when using uncomfortable footwear. Just make sure to not over soaked your feet as it has its implications.

It is also worth mentioning that people who have diabetes should limit their foot soaks. Too many foot soaks can open up some cracks leaving it to expose from outsider germs.

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