How to Cut Toenails if You Can’t Reach Them

Cutting Your Toenails

Know-How to Cut Your Toenails if You Can’t Reach Them because if someone can’t reach their toenails, they can use a nail clipper with a long, sturdy handle.

This long handle attached to the cutting tool makes it easier to access the toenails for trimming.

I’m assuming you haven’t seen long handles for clippers before so that you can check some out on Amazon, your welcome, haha.

Another group cannot cut their toenails simply because they can’t reach them. 

This challenge of cutting toenails affects everyone!

However, men are the most affected by this problem since they rarely care for their toenails.

With that being said, women also face these challenges because they are more susceptible to obesity than men.

Yes, obesity can be a factor!

Why Do People Cut Their Toenails?

People cut their toenails for several reasons:

  • You are able to slip your shoes on quickly. Long toenails become a problem when you are wearing shoes. It can cause a lot of pain to force your feet into boots or other closed shoes.

  • Long toenails make it difficult to walk. Even once you manage to put on shoes, it can be very uncomfortable to walk. The shoes put pressure on long toenails that in turn cause foot pain.This makes it difficult to walk comfortably.

  • Long toenails are likely to grow incorrectly and cause problems. Toenails are more likely to become ingrown and painful if they’re left un-cut.

  • It is the fashion to maintain long fingernails, not toenails. It is unfashionable to have long toenails. Only fingernails are generally kept long.

All of these are reasons that people prefer to keep their toenails short.

What Makes it Difficult to Reach Your Toenails?

Here are some of the reasons that people can’t reach their toenails. This may not be everything, but it is a general list of situations you might be in.


Most obese people find it challenging to reach their toenails.

It is difficult to stretch down to reach the toenails, so often, they only maintain their fingernails.


Many people with arthritis find it challenging to reach their toenails because their bodies are not flexible.

Additionally, there’s an added challenge because they may experience joint pain every time they try to reach their toenails.

Age Affects Flexibility 

If age is catching up with you, it can be challenging to reach the toenails.

Many older people leave their toenails long due to a failure to reach them.


Many disabled people find it hard to reach their toenails due to physical challenges.

Whether someone can’t bend or has any other problem, it can be challenging to perform specific tasks.

What Are The Right Steps To Follow When Cutting Your Toenails?

Cutting toenails can be a problem for many people.

It’s easy to end up hurting yourself if you attempt to cut their toenails in the wrong way. 

Below are some steps that may be useful when you decide to cut your toenails short.

Wash Your Toes With Clean Water And Soap

The first step is to wash with clean water and soap.

Cleaning the toes enables the nerves within the toes to relax, which facilitates easier nail cutting.

Soaking both feet in a basin of warm water for a few minutes helps relax the nerves. 

After cleaning, dry the feet with a clean, dry towel. Keep in mind that it is possible to cut nails when wet or dry.

Choose The Most Appropriate Tool

After ensuring your nails are clean, you’ll need to identify the most appropriate cutting tool.

There are many types of cutting tools to choose from. Some people prefer scissors, while others may choose clippers.

I have taken the liberty to look up some quality options on Amazon.

The most important part of choosing a tool for cutting toenails is making sure you can use it comfortably and safely.

Whether you’re using scissors or clippers, make sure you know how you’ll cut the nails before getting started.

Ensure Your Tools Are Clean

Before trimming the nails, ensure clean cutting tools to avoid spreading germs.

In addition to that, it’s essential to have your tools and never share them with anyone.

If everyone follows these basic guidelines of keeping their cutting tools clean, it will help reduce people’s rate of transmitting any infections or diseases.

Be sure to store your tools in a clean and dry environment to avoid attracting germs.

Cutting The Toenails

If the toenails are cut incorrectly, they can become ingrown, which is a severe condition that requires medical attention. 

To ensure that the toenails don’t become ingrown, cut the nails straight across. 

This is how to cut toenails efficiently since it will keep them even as they grow not to cause pain.

Filing The Toenails

After successfully cutting the nails, it’s essential to file the nails to ensure no sharp edges are left.

This is an extra step of protection against ingrown nails and prevents accidental scratches.

How To Cut Toenails Properly When You Have Difficulty Reaching Them

Anyone having some trouble bending to reach their toenails can now rejoice!

Here are some solutions to help cut nails successfully.

Use Cutting Tools With A Long Handle

A long handle makes it easy to cut the nails even when seated, making the process more comfortable.

Keeping short nails is possible with the proper tools.

This is not mainstream, so knowing that long-handled clippers exist may be a surprise to you.

Having Someone Help Cut your Nails

People who do not know how to cut toenails because they can’t reach them can get them cut by seeking help. 

Most people who seek other people’s services are the elderly and those with disabilities that make it hard to cut the nails.

Ensure that you find someone who understands how to cut the nails safely.

Electric Cutting Tools

This is an excellent option for cutting nails if you can’t reach them.

An electric cutting tool will enable people to cut their toenails without unnecessarily bending down.

On Amazon, I have done a quick search for you, go ahead and check out what they offer. Some may offer a clipping mechanism; others offer to file them down; it’s your choice.

Other Strategies for Maintaining the Toenails

If you can’t reach your toenails, it’s a good idea to consider other ways to ensure your toenails are well-cared-for.

For instance, adopting regular pedicures is a way to maintain the feet and nails.

This is the most appropriate alternative to ensure your toenails are maintained comfortably and healthily.

One advantage of a pedicure is that it enables you to enjoy various services for the entire body.

However, pedicures should be done regularly to ensure that the nails stay well-maintained.

Use Jelly To Soften the Nails

If long nails are causing you pain and can’t be cut for some reason, applying a softening agent like Vaseline Jelly can soften the nails, making them less painful.

This can also make trimming them easier.

Caring For Your Toenails

Here are some tips for keeping your toenails healthy.

We often don’t take the time to think about our toenails, so caring for them may not be a common practice.

That is why this is an important section, and it should not go unnoticed.

Always Keep Your Nails Clean

You should make sure that your toenails are always clean.

Wash your feet and nails with soap and clean water, and dry them with a clean towel.

Following these basic procedures will make it easy to maintain proper care of the toenails.

Wear Closed Toe Shoes

Most problems with toenails start from attracting germs while walking.

However, if you wear closed-toe shoes, you can often avoid this issue.

Cutting your Nails with Care

Many people end up messing up their nails through careless trimming.

You should ensure they are cut with proper care to avoid such a problem.

Cutting the nails correctly helps avoid ingrown nails and other issues, reducing health problems that affect the toenails.

Wear the Right Shoes

Many people end up wearing shoes that do not fit correctly.

It is always advisable to wear the right style and size shoes to help keep the feet healthy.

Shoes too small may break your toenails, leaving them susceptible to problems.


Ensuring that your toenails are clean and short is an essential part of hygiene.

If you find it challenging to maintain your toenails, figure out what factors make it difficult, and then find a way to work around them to get your nails in the best shape.

Hopefully, the step-by-step guide in this article has proved helpful for you.

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