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Treat Hangnails

If you have suffered from painful hangnails before, you know well that you shouldn’t underestimate them.

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But it would help if you didn’t worry a thing. I am here to give you a solution for this condition.

One thing you should remember: hangnails are completely normal and are treatable.

Let’s focus on the following:

What are Hangnails?

Hangnails are tiny, like outer skin projections that come about due to your nail’s skin separating from the nail base.

Medical experts say that these painful hangnails affect those usually with dry skin.

The dryness in their skin subjects their nail bed to skin separation from the nail when they come into contact with cold temperatures.

What are the Causes of Hangnails?

Hangnails can happen to anyone, regardless of gender or age.

There are many causes of painful hangnails. And they vary per person.

Before taking any medication for this problem, always try to know the primary reason for this condition.

Some of the common causes of painful hangnails include:

Having Dry Skin

Dry skin can be a result of regular hand washing clothes, cold or hot weather conditions.

When your nail cuticle becomes dry, your skin cells are more likely to separate from the nail. Hence, causing painful hangnails.

Instances of Trauma

Trauma is another important cause of hangnails’ condition. Trauma, especially with excessive fingerpicking, can damage your nails.

To prevent hangnails, always visit a professional manicure expert who carefully removes the hard outer cuticle on your nails.

Medical Conditions

Protein is one of the main components of skin and nails.

When you have low levels of protein intake in your body, it means that you have protein deficiency in your body.

For this reason, you might find that the skin of your nails will tend to crack and sometimes tear, which eventually leads to small outer skin projections.

Some foods are excellent protein sources. Also, seek medical advice on what to eat to boost your protein levels.

Bacterial Infection

Bacteria infections can also cause hangnails. In most cases, a bacterial infection on the nails can lead to a common infection called paronychia

When you have a bacterial infection on your nails, you will notice some reddish coloring on the nail, sharp pain from the nails, and swelling.

Bacteria infections will wear out the skin of your nails, causing the nails to develop hangnails.

Why do Hangnails Hurt?

The pain associated with hangnails is severe, and if you have ever had this condition before, you can comfortably be in a position to tell its extent.

The sharp pain gets associated with the separation of skin cells from the nail cuticles. Removing painful hangnails can be very challenging because they can feel very sensitive.

What are the Common Symptoms of Hangnails?

Hangnails can be easily identified because they are visible (and sometimes incredibly painful).

In cases where the hangnails result from infections, you will continuously experience external bleeding and pain.

Bacterial infections that cause the hangnails to develop have the following symptoms:

As much as the hangnails condition is common, you should always take care because if it’s the main cause of its infection, the infection can spread to other parts of the body.

Home Remedies to Treat the Hangnail

There are various home remedies you can comfortably use to treat the hangnail’s condition.

All these home remedies are readily available and do not have any adverse side effects on your nails.

You can use the remedies at any time until the hangnail condition gets completely treated. These home remedies treatment methods for painful hangnails include:


Avocados provide vitamin E. They also contain vast amounts of natural fats.

With these nutrients, avocados help in nourishing your dry skin and heal your hangnails naturally.

For the avocado to work its magic, mix the ripe avocado with coconut oil.

This mixture serves as your moisturizer.

Take the mixture and apply directly to the hangnail and leave the mixture for a whole night.

Wash off your nails in the morning using clean water and repeat the process at least once per month.

Homemade Cuticle Softener

You can make the cuticle softener by using olive oil and tea tree oil.

Take a few spoonfuls of oil and thoroughly mix the two oils. The primary purpose of the olive oil in the mixture is to act as an antioxidant.

Directly apply the mixture on the hangnails and gently massage the nail and leave the nail at least over the night.

Repeat the same process at least once per week.

Pure Honey Extract

Pure honey extract act as a natural moisturizing agent and as an anti-bacterial product.

Apply honey on the nails and leave the honey to soak in your nail for at least three hours. Rinse the nails with clean, warm water. Repeat the same process at least twice per week.

Almond Seed

Almond seeds are famous because of the natural fat contained in them and the presence of vitamin E.

The primary purpose of using the almond seeds oil on your hangnails is to reduce swelling around your nails and reduce inflammation.

For the almond seeds to work effectively, soak the almond seeds in water for about 10 hours so that their skin can peel off.

After the skin gets completely peeled, grind the seeds and mix them with the egg yolk.

Apply the mixture on your hangnails and leave the mixture for about 3 hours. Wash your nails and make precise observations of changes after seven days.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel extract has many health benefits, especially for our skin. With the powerful analgesic and antibiotic elements in the gel, your hangnails will heal within the shortest time possible.

To use as a home remedy, apply the get extract directly on your nail’s cuticles. Leave the gel on your nails for about one hour and rinse after that.

Repeat the process at least once per day to get the best desired results.

Petroleum Jelly

Pure petroleum jelly will keep your nails fully moisturized all day. You can effectively treat the hangnail condition by taking a portion of the petroleum jelly and mixing the jelly with the sesame oil.

These two ingredients will give you a superb moisturizer that will hydrate your skin.

You should apply this mixture every day before going to bed to get the hangnails wholly removed. 


Turmeric is famous for its assortment of benefits. The extract contains anti-inflammatory properties and natural antiseptics, which help in getting rid of hangnails effortlessly.

The antiseptic nature of the turmeric extracts will help kill all the bacteria infections around your nail and prevent any development of hangnails in the future.

To get the best results, mix the turmeric extract with the mustard oil.

Apply the mixture on the edges of your nail cuticles at least twice per day and observe how this mixture will work miracles on your nails.

Castor Oil

It would help if you always settled for the best natural oils to maintain a healthy nail condition.

Castor oil, widely known for its ability to repair worn-out skin, will help you treat the hangnails condition.

Massaging your nails with castor oil will help you moisturize the nail and treating the hangnails.

Try rubbing your nails with castor oils to prevent cases of inflammation.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide contains antiseptic properties, which help in killing any infections and painlessly removing the hangnail.

For hydrogen peroxide to successfully treat the hangnail condition, mix some small portions of hydrogen peroxide with a high amount of water.

Soak your fingers completely in the mixture for about 30 minutes. Repeat this process and notice how your nails will have fully recovered.

When Can You Seek Medical Help?

The best time to seek medical treatment will depend on how severe your hangnail condition appears.

If you have tried the home remedies treatment and the condition continues to worsen, seek medication.

Once you visit your doctor, the doctor will examine the primary cause of your hangnail condition as well as the extent of your hangnail condition.

If you have other body medical problems like diabetes, seek medical attention to prevent worsening of the hangnail condition.

What Are Some Preventive Measures for Hangnails?

Prevention is better than cure, after all.

When it comes to our health, this saying is 100% true. Instead of waiting for your hangnail to worsen, you can completely prevent the hangnail condition from even happening.

Below are some practical measures to observe every time:

Keep Your Nails Clean

Maintaining proper hygiene is your number one prevention.

Regularly trim your nails in good shape. Use a nail cutter to trim your nails carefully.

Avoid Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails will make the skin around your nails wear out. When the skin around your nails wears out, the nail bed will weaken and eventually cause the hangnails to develop.

To avoid this, stop the bad habit of biting your nails.

Wear Gloves When Working

Gloves will protect your nails from getting exposed to chemicals while working and breakage from heavy objects.

Some chemicals draw the moisture away from your nails, causing dryness.

Dryness in nails causes cracking, which eventually translates to painful hangnails.

Take Note of Every Abnormality on Your Nails

Keep a constant check on your nails to ensure there are no abnormalities like nail bleeding or swelling.

Keep in mind that some symptoms are caused by bacterial infections, and when not taken good care of, they can cause severe health complications.

Always use Natural Oils and Moisturizers

For your nails to grow healthy, make sure to use natural moisturizers and oils.

You can conveniently make these moisturizers using home remedies that will guarantee natural ingredients.

Do not mix different over-the-counter moisturizers that you get in your beauty shop for easy management of your nails.


Hangnails cause painful moments in our lives, which you cannot even wish for your enemies! But because of how common it is, hangnails usually don’t raise much alarm.

As said earlier, there are various factors for developing such a condition. However, you never have to worry because there are many ways to get rid of painful hangnails.

Remember always to take preventive measures and save yourself the painful experience.

Always keep in mind that maintaining overall good health means checking in on your body from time to time.

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