Is Vaseline Good For Dry Hands?

A lot of people like to spend their time outdoors, whether it is chilling in their balcony or sunbathing while the sun is out. But with extreme conditions, frequent hand washing, and some manual labor, your hands can lead to dryness. It can become painful at times when left untreated so, it is important to heal it right away to avoid cracking and replace the lost moisture in your hand to keep it looking vibrant and feeling great.

Is Vaseline good for dry hands? Yes. Vaseline petroleum jelly is among the most effective moisturizers out there. It works by creating a barrier on top of the skin that will prevent moisture from leaving your skin.

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In this short read, you will have a better understanding of what does Vaseline does to our body and other ways to use it.

How Does Petroleum Jelly Work?

Petroleum jelly acts as a skin protectant. A 100% petrolatum is one of the most effective occlusives, and it is excellent for treating dry and cracked lips and skin. Petroleum jelly works as a barrier on the skin to protect the damaged skin and prevent water loss.

Other Uses Of Vaseline

There are plenty of ways to use petroleum jelly. Vaseline can be used as your everyday moisturizer to treat dry skin. For people who have normal skin, Vaseline can be a good added moisture to common dryer areas like knee and elbows. Here are only some of the uses of vaseline aside from treating dry skin:

Removes Eye Makeup

Vaseline can be helpful when removing makeup off your skin. You can apply a small amount and then gently rub it on your face. Then you can smooth any excess around your eyes to moisturize it. Just avoid getting it into your eyes.

Exfoliate Lips

It is probably one of the most common usages of this product. You can add a bit of sugar to your Vaseline and gently apply it to your lips. Proceed by rubbing them together for a few seconds. It will get rid of any flaky skin or dead skin cells. Once done, you can rinse off with water and add a thin layer of petroleum jelly to moisturize them.

Tame Your Eyebrows

If you forgot your brow products, Vaseline is an excellent alternative to adjust and make the necessary arrangements in your brows. You can use your finger or a disposable brush over your brow hairs to tame them down.

Soothe Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are everyone’s nightmare. If you need something to remove the pain and the cracking, rubbing some Vaseline will do the trick. Apply some thin layers in your heels before bed. Then you can put on some socks and then remove it the next morning.


Overall, Vaseline has many usages and should always be available in your medicine cabinet. It is very affordable, and you can pretty much buy it everywhere. It is an excellent alternative to expensive moisturizers that are available today. It can treat scratches and wound and can speed up healing and prevent scarring.

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