Salt Water for Fungal Infection

Salt Water for Fungal Infection ~ So it’s a nice sunny day, and the family wants to go out to the beach. As you put your sandals on, you notice you got a case of nail fungus. So you start to wonder if the ocean will affect the nail.

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The use of sea salt rock has been noted to be one of the best cures for fungus. The sea salt is usually mixed with just enough water to make it dissolve. So yes, the ocean is good for your nail fungus.

This is ideal for the treatment since the actual salt will successfully penetrate the nail bed on the infected nail. Ultimately, the ocean itself does not affect the fungus. It’s the salt but in a positive way.

So going in the ocean would actually be a step in the right direction to start the healing process.

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Salt Water for Fungal Infection

Are There Any Measures You Should Take?

Salt Water for Fungal Infection

The most common type of fungal infection is Onychomycosis. If it is left untreated, the nail plate may lift off from the nail bed.

A great number of fungus victims are dealing with this right now. If you have a shadow area inside one of your toenails, and you think it is toe fungus, make sure you get it checked out as soon as possible.

The fungus appears under the toenail, treating it involves taking several measures. These can either be a home treatment, over the counter medicine or even professional treatment.

These will apply whether you are attempting to prevent or treat the nail fungus. When treating the nail infection, there are some basics in which you must consider.

Important to Note!

Fungi thrive in the warm, damp and dark environment. Therefore, in trying to treat nail fungus, it is imperative to keep your feet dry.

Wear different socks, dry your feet well when you get out of the shower and use foot powder.

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Salt Water for Fungal Infection

And lastly, avoid nylon and synthetic socks that can create moisture around your feet.

Toenail fungus is usually characterized by a thick, discolored or yellowish nails. Though there are other types, these are the typical symptoms. These nails can, at times, become brittle and chip away on their own.

Toenail fungi can not only be unattractive but also be painful. This can bring about discomfort and embarrassment to the one suffering from it.

When you try to get rid of toenail fungus, it can prove to be somewhat expensive.

Whether it is seeking treatment through prescriptions by attending doctor visits or even over the counter medications. This can be daunting especially if it is not in your current budget.

A less expensive way to cure fungus is with the use of sea salt or go for a swim in the ocean.

But What Is This Sea Salt?

Salt Water for Fungal Infection

Sea salt is in seawater, just dissolved. It’s also used in cooking and women’s cosmetics. Research suggests that said sea salt can treat nail fungus.

Before using the sea salt, trim and file the affected nail to enable the salt to reach the infected area.

There are other issues that could be the cause of your affected nail, so prior to coming to the conclusion, it’s fungus, check out this article I wrote on other problems and injuries it could be.

While Using Sea Salt, The Following Steps Should Be Followed:

Salt Water for Fungal Infection

Then comes the question, does putting your feet in the ocean work like some sort of natural disinfectant treatment?

Well, to some extent, this can work for you. Living near the sea has more benefits than you can imagine.

If you make frequent visits to the beach, there is a high probability that you will be getting more out of it than just the enjoyment.

Seawater has a long history of acting as an alternative medicinal treatment. Historically, doctors have recommended seawater for treatment.

They had their patients stay in the seawater for a prescribed amount of time. You should consider sea salt treatment if you are looking into home remedies for your nail fungus.

The use of a concentrated salt solution, Epsom salt, is likely to act as a treatment for your nail fungus.

However, most medical professionals recommend that water salinity is irrelevant. Soaking your nails before applying topical medication may facilitate the medication to penetrate the nail.

This may be more effective than it might otherwise have been without it.

Dead Sea Salt Treatment

This is also a popular alternative. It is said to effectively soothe the nails.

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However, this treatment, like the brand Lamisil, is rarely successful when the fungus involves the nail plate itself.

But, it should be noted that there is no harm in trying topical medication. This is usually available without a prescription, as a first approach.

This is so the medication can actually go after the fungus itself, not just the nail. Also, take that antifungal solution and smear it between your toes. As this is a very common hiding place for fungus on the feet.

What Happens To Nail Fungus In Sea Water?

Seawater itself has little effect on your nail fungus; it is only with the sea salt you can achieve treatment. Seawater is a natural drying agent, one of the attacking agents for fungi.

The dryness can assist in preventing the spreading to other body parts.

Seawater has been known to cure most wounds that occur on your body either by accidents or through infection like the nail fungus. Hence, it was popular among doctors back in the day.

Treatment of Conditions Using Seawater

The sea salt composition is filled with healthy skin-friendly minerals.

This Korean ocean skin serum on Amazon is like their ancient secret.

Such minerals include; magnesium minerals, calcium minerals, and potassium minerals which is exactly what makes seawater so beneficial to various skin conditions.

These mineral ions can absorb the toxins in the body and on the skin. This works amazingly on the skin.

This includes acne-causing bacteria, treating infections and encourage the healing process of the body parts affected.

Sea salt’s natural moisture-reducing capabilities help regulate the overproduction of skin oil that leads to clogged skin pores.

Magnesium is an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial mineral that not only eases itching but also draws the moisture from eczema-causing bacteria and fungi to hinder their growth and flourishment.

There are also other conditions that are treated using sea salt. Some of which, doctors have advocated that the seawater can also be taken by drinking.

This is to get the mineral ions directly inside the body for maximum absorption into the bloodstream.

This will increase the level of minerals for absorption, hence improving your chances of healing from what you might be suffering from.


Forget the over the counter meds you were prescribed, and any other expensive remedies. Go the natural way and avoid the costs, pain and side effects brought by using the other remedies.

Seawater is one of the natural ways to treat your nail fungus; the results will amaze and surprise those who have or are using over the counter remedies.

That is not all! Yes, the use of seawater has been proven to have other health-related benefits, these include the following:

Improving Skin Condition And Healing Wounds

Seawater has been used to treat skin problems such as psoriasis

Treating Hay Fever and Sinus Issues

The salty nature of seawater has been used as a complementary therapy as a treatment and sinus infection


The ocean has also been associated with reduced symptoms of other respiratory diseases

Relaxation and Meditation

Seawater provides a better natural exercising environment than any other, which has shown to have greater mental health benefits

Cold Seawater Therapy

Used in the rehabilitation process and at the same time, provide therapeutic benefits. Dipping yourself in seawater has also been researched to have an impact on the white blood cell count. There will be a significant rise in the immune fighting cells

Skin Tone

Witnessed to improve when you come out of the water; your skin will glow, this is because the seawater is known to detoxify and retain the skin moisture

And much more health and physical benefits.

The Bottom Line

Using seawater in the ways mentioned above for nail fungus treatment is an inexpensive method of getting rid of fungi. Additionally, it is a natural remedy with no side effects after using it.

It is evident that seawater works in improving the treatment of nail fungus. This has been the case of other victims of nail fungi.

If it can work for others, it can work for you as well. And just like that, boosting your health simply by diving headfirst in a refreshing swim.

You should understand the importance of having healthy nails. Whether it’s off the finger or the toe, is a representation of the general health of your body.

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