Organic Nail Polish & Reasons You Should Use It

Organic Nail Polish

BEST Non-Toxic Nail Polish 2019! Every lady likes to feel beautiful. And let’s face it—there’s nothing quite like getting your nails done to complete your look.

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But if you’re not using organic nail polish, you may be missing out on several powerful benefits.

That’s right—if you’re looking to get the most out of your nail care, it’s time to switch to organic nail polish. Though this may sound like an unnecessary switch, you may be surprised at how much of a difference it will make.

Not sure if this is the right switch for you? We bet we can change your mind! Below, we’ll tell you ten of the best reasons as to why you should change up your nail polish today!

Consider these ten tips below before buying your next set of nail polish—or before painting your nails. But first, let’s take a look at one important question.

Nail Polish

In recent years, there’s been a large public outcry against toxic artificial chemicals. These chemicals, put in everything from food to nail polish, are dangerous to the human body in the long run.

Organic nail polish, known as non-toxic nail polish, works to use all-natural ingredients to make safer alternatives.

These are becoming more popular as people are now more aware of the dangerous chemicals they are putting in their bodies.

This non-toxic nail polish has become a great way to look good without having to worry about poisoning oneself with dangerous chemicals.

Why You Should Use Organic Nail Polish

We all agree that “organic” generally means healthier. That being said, that hasn’t been enough to justify a switch to more expensive organic products for many people.

But if that’s the case for you, we’re here to say that it’s time to change your mind. By switching to organic nail polish, you can start enjoying many benefits that you’ll not want to miss out on.

Don’t believe us? Check out the following great benefits of organic nail polish below!

1. It’s Better for the Environment

With climate change a reality and many of the world’s species dying off or becoming endangered, many have called on humans to be more responsible for their impact on the environment.

The unfortunate reality is that just about everything we buy—from regular nail polish to silverware—leaves a large carbon footprint on the world.

And that doesn’t even take into account the plastic bags used to transport these items or the carbon emitted during our commutes.

And while it may seem like most companies don’t care about their impact on the environment, some do. This is good news for those looking to minimize their impact on the world and future generations.

Non-toxic nail polish companies are working to make their practices increasingly eco-friendly.

This means that you can shop with them all with the peace of mind of knowing that you’re not hurting the environment to look beautiful. This will allow you to feel even better about wearing these great nail polish options.

In other words, while you’re sporting your new, beautiful nails, you don’t have to worry about their impact on wildlife and natural ecosystems. This allows you to have a clean conscience, all while looking your best. And what could be better than that?

2. It’s Healthier

But it’s not just the environment that benefits from using all-natural nail polish. Organic nail polish can also help protect your health—keeping you from being covered in toxic chemicals.

Though some believe that those who decry these chemicals are doing nothing more than fearmongering, the reality is it’s better to be safe than sorry.

By only using all-natural chemicals, these companies help protect your health by keeping toxic chemicals away from you.

So, how toxic are these chemicals? The research is still out on many of them—but you can be sure they aren’t consequence-free.

Though the effects of these chemicals may take years to present themselves, once they do, they’re usually serious.

For example, the buildup of toxic chemicals in life has been linked to dangerous conditions such as cancer and autoimmune disorders. And we think we can all agree that the price of beauty shouldn’t come in your life.

The good news is that these all-natural, non-toxic organic nail polish options don’t use any chemicals you have to worry about. Using only ingredients that you can pronounce, these incredible options make sure that you don’t have any foreign chemicals in your body.

This provides for a safer alternative for those who value their health-giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re in good hands.

Using only these non-toxic options, you can be sure that you’re taking better care of your health.

3. They Provide a Greener Alternative

We’ve already seen how these organic nail polish options can help the environment. And while we’ve seen how this helps the environment, there’s one important angle that we left out.

Consider it this way—if you have been championing environmental protections, you finally have safe options for you to use.

Unlike before, these organic options give everyone the tools they need to look beautiful.

So how was it before? If you’re into environmental protection, you already know this answer. Unless you wanted to betray your principles, you would have to be stuck with boring, bland, unpainted nails.

In other words, you had to sacrifice looking cute for your morals. And while many were happy to do this, it’s not an option that most people were happy with.

In this way, you can see just how groundbreaking these new organic options are. Because of this, now everyone, no matter their principles, can safely use organic nail polish without having to betray their health or their convictions.

This makes these all-natural options incredibly convenient for those who want to look good even while fighting for the environment.

4. You Can Inspire Others

If you’re looking to make a difference between your health and the environment, you’re going to need to start small. Like buying all-natural, organic nail polish small.

But though this may seem like a small action, it can add up. The truth is that toxic nail polish options remain popular because of the high demand for them.

Without a change in this demand, consumers can expect companies to continue to manufacture dangerous, toxic nail polish options that are harmful to both humans and the environment.

As you can see, though it may seem like nothing, buying organic nail polish can start a movement. With enough people buying these products, companies will be forced to acknowledge the movement.

And when this happens, consumers can expect even more organic options.

This will encourage a new era of innovation, making beauty more accessible to people of all backgrounds and mindsets.

Not only that but the impact of buying and wearing nail polish on the environment will be significantly reduced. This is incredibly important in the face of current climate change concerns.

5. They Look Great

But we know what you’re thinking—this is all well and good, but you’re not going to pay money for nail polish if it doesn’t look good. Even if it does help save the environment.

The good news is that you can expect these incredible options to boast the same great look and feel that you’ve gotten used to. Companies have managed to make these all-natural options extremely durable and good-looking, allowing ladies of all types to find the colors and styles they love.

Even better, as the market for organic nail polish continues to grow, you can expect that this will only continue to grow.

With greater demand, many products will be available on the market—creating a snowball effect.

In this way, you can do your part by purchasing organic nail polish to demand an eco-friendlier product further.

With this in mind, let’s look at one important aspect of which you should be aware. What chemicals are in regular nail polish anyway?

Chemicals Found in Regular Nail Polish

Knowing what’s in your nail polish is important. You may hear a lot about dangerous chemicals found in nail polish—but not many places will tell you what they are.

That’s why we’ve included a list of chemicals found inside commercial nail polish. According to The Science of Eating, chemicals that are found in nail polish include:


You may recognize this chemical from your high school biology class. Long known as the chemical used to keep soon-to-be-dissected frogs fresh, formaldehyde is often included in commercial nail polish.

In fact, you can be sure that you’ll find this in a number of other products as well, as it’s trendy for commercial use.

There’s only one problem with this—formaldehyde has been labeled as a human carcinogen. In other words, it’s been proven that formaldehyde can lead to cancer in people.

Despite this, it’s still being used commercially as a nail hardener in many nail polish brands.

Studies have now linked formaldehyde to tumor growth and leukemia. It comes as no surprise, then, that you want to steer as far from this chemical as possible.


Have you ever noticed that characteristic smell found in many commercial nail polish brands? Though you may think this is normal, it actually indicates the presence of strong, dangerous chemicals in your polish.

In fact, much of this comes from a chemical called toluene—something that you may recognize as being used in paint thinners. In this case, this dangerous chemical is being used to make the nail polish look smoother when applied to the nail.

However, that’s not all it does. It also lends its strong odor to your polish, and over time, repeated exposure can cause headaches and damage your nervous system.

What’s more, toluene is dangerous for pregnant women—meaning that you don’t want to use commercial nail polish if you believe you are pregnant.

Triphenyl Phosphate

Triphenyl phosphate hasn’t yet been proven to be dangerous, but researchers have their suspicions. Remember—just because they aren’t dangerous doesn’t mean that they aren’t.

That’s not meant to fearmonger. You can reasonably expect safety in the products that you’re using.

But research on animals has already shown that it can prove quite dangerous when it comes to triphenyl phosphate. In fact, animals experience issues with both their developmental and reproductive systems when exposed to triphenyl phosphate.

Dibutyl Phthalate

Dibutyl phthalate is dangerous to both humans and animals. An artificial chemical not found in nature, dibutyl phthalate has been shown to react with substances that can even cause genes to mutate.

Not only that, tests on animals show that this chemical can interfere with their reproductive systems, as well as impair hormones. This dangerous chemical is used to keep nail polish smooth and flowing.

As you can see, these dangerous chemicals are not something that you want near your body. Fortunately, with organic nail polish, you’ll be able to stay safe while looking great.

Want to make sure that you’re using the right kinds of nail polish? Be sure to read the label so that you know exactly what you’re putting on. This will help you keep from putting these dangerous chemicals on your fingers.

What’s more, make sure that you apply your nail polish in an area with good ventilation. This is especially important if you haven’t yet upgraded to organic nail polish. This will help you keep from breathing dangerous chemicals.

Of course, the best way to avoid these chemicals is to purchase organic, non-toxic nail polish. In this way, you can do your part in protecting your health while helping generate demand for safer alternatives on the market.

What’s more, you’ll do your part to help the environment by acting in this way.

So don’t wait! Switch to organic nail polish today!

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