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Short Toenails

Having short toenails can get embarrassing at times because you might be wondering how you can get a pedicure. And at other times, they might restrict you to what you should wear.

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Individuals have short nails because of different factors. One of the factors is cutting their nails too short, and another factor might be having short toenails naturally.

In most cases, those with short toenails fear to expose themselves by wearing open shoes, and instead, they choose to wear closed shoes.

The good news is that you do not have to worry about your short nails because you can get a perfect pedicure and regain your confidence back.

Well, in this article, you will get a complete insight into the following aspects:

Age plays an integral part in nail growth. For instance, children between 10 years to 14 years record a high nail growth rate.


The nail structure contains different layers, and each layer plays a vital role in the nail.

One of the layers is the nail plate (body of the nail in the picture), whose function is to offer protection to the most sensitive part of the skin, which lies underneath the nail called the nail bed.

Various factors play a part in ensuring that nail growth takes place effectively.  

One of the abnormalities is that individuals have too short toenails. Some factors contributing to this condition include when these factors are not met adequately, nail growth tends to take an abnormal one:

When these factors are not met adequately, nail growth tends to take an abnormal one.


According to a report released by the American Academy Dermatologist, having a hormonal imbalance translates to slow growth.

Healthy individuals also feel the effect of hormones. The report further stated that men tend to have shorter toenails than women.

Additionally, lactating mothers also experience slow nail growth relative to others.


Did you know that the weather can affect how your nails grow? People living in areas where they experience extreme cold usually have short nails because of the temperature.


On the other hand, individuals above 14 years experience a slow nail growth rate, leading to short nails. 


The location of your nails plays a considerable part in its growth. For instance, the pinky finger records the lowest growth rate compared to other nails. On the other hand, the index and middle nails record the fastest growth rate.

However, the difference between the growth rate of all the nails is not much, which means they have a short height difference gap when measured.

Trimming nails

Did you know that regular cutting of nails makes your nails grow faster? Well, this is true, and you should try to ascertain this statement. Individuals who bite their nails more frequently record a faster nail growth rate.

However, cutting nails too short can lead to nail exposure to infections which can cause severe damages to the nail and the nail bed.

Sometimes, health complications that may sprout over time can cause the nails to stop growing and become short permanently.

Health Complications

What’s happening inside your body can reflect on your nails, too. Health complications significantly affect the way nails grow. For instance, individuals who have diabetes tend to have a slow nail growth rate, which causes their nails to get retardant growth.

At times, you may have thick nails with a deep yellowish color, which is why you are not entirely well. Generally, poor blood circulation can cause nails to grow slowly and eventually short.

Can You Have a Pedicure?

Yes. You can have a pedicure even when having short toenails. Just be sure to meet the following requirements below.

In cases where you find it challenging to have a pedicure at home, you can visit a professional pedicurist and get that glamorous look even with short toenails.

After assembling these pedicure tools, follow the following procedure and conduct the professional pedicure at home.

Use Nail Polish Remover

Before commencing your pedicure, remove your current nail polish if you have one. The best way to do it is to use a small piece of cotton wool and soak it with nail polish remover.

Rub the wet cotton wool against your nails until you remove all the nail polish. Many people overlook this step but do not make the same mistake, remove all the nail polish first.

Soak Your Feet

Fill up your foot bath or basin with warm water, then add a soothing fragrance of your choice. For maximum results, add Epsom salt in the water to get an enhanced experience. Always switch your feet to make sure that both your feet get soaked well.

Let your feet relax in the solution for about 20 minutes. After this, you will notice that your nail cuticles are softened, making them easier to remove.

Proceed with Cuticles

Cuticles are delicate parts of our nails that we need to care for when pedicuring.

For this purpose, it is advisable to either use a cuticle stick or orangewood to remove the cuticles safely.

Push back the deadly skin gently and when done, apply the cuticle oil to relax your nails further.

Keep in mind that this step is delicate, and you should take it easy to make sure that you do not damage your nail bed which can attract infections.


Exfoliation is an essential task as it helps remove dead skin from the feet and gives the feet healthy skin that is fresh.

Take care not to over scrub your feet. The whole exfoliation process can take up to 5 minutes at maximum.

Smoothen the Calluses

You will find calluses on the bottom part of your feet, and it is advisable to use a callus stone or a foot file. The point of this step is not to remove the calluses but to smoothen them.

Use little effort when smoothening the calluses but do not overdo it. This might cause pain to your feet which can eventually lead to blisters.

If, at some point, smoothening your calluses begin to hurt, know that you are overdoing it and start using lesser force.

Trim Your Nails

Use a nail clipper to clip your nails short. If your nails are already short, you can file your nails instead.

Cutting or trimming nails ensures that they are manageable for easier nail maintenance.

When clipping your nails, clip them straight across and use a nail file to shape the nails.

Avoid trimming the nails too close to the nail bed. This may result in ingrown nails.

The best way to file nails is by achieving a square shape with rounded edges. Remember to conduct this step gently to avoid hurting your nails.

Massage Your Feet

After conducting the above steps, take a bit of rest. Feel free to massage your feet to ensure that they relax well.

You can use your favorite feet moisturizerOpens in a new tab. to get that relaxing feeling. After completing this step, you can now proceed with your pedicure.

Apply Nail Polish

If you recall well, one of the basic requirements was getting nail polish, starting from the base coat to the topcoat. Well, you should apply the base coat first, then let it dry.

The purpose of the base coat is to protect and strengthen your nails.

Next, apply your chosen nail polish color, then let the polish dry.

Now that you have that lively look on your feet, apply the top coat to make the color shine, and this will also increase the staying power of your new nail color.

Moisturize Your Feet

After thoroughly drying your nail polish, apply a moisturizing cream to soften your feet and fight skin cracking.

Now that the process is done enjoy your feet’ new, fresh look!

Benefits of Getting Regular Pedicure

Having regular pedicures gets associated with many benefits. Some of the benefits include:

Detecting Health Problems Early

Getting a regular pedicure will not only help in adding an extra glow to your feet, but it will also help your pedicurist to detect health problems early. For instance, the pedicurist will notice early signs of conditions like corks and fungal infections.

The earlier these conditions are spotted, the easier the treatment.

Preserving Skin Moisture

The pedicure process consists of various steps, which involve soaking the feet, massaging them, and applying feet moisturizers.

For this reason, your feet will always stay moisturized, preventing your nails from breaking. Moisturizing also helps your nails to avoid attacks by infections.

Exfoliating the Skin

Exfoliation helps smoothen the skin, preventing the accumulation of dead skin cells. Too many dead skin cells cause conditions like corn which get severely painful.

Enhancing Blood Circulation

Pedicures work well to ensure there is smooth blood circulation. Your feet get to relax well by having feet massage, and blood gets supplied all over your feet.

When blood circulation gets well maintained, your overall body performance will improve.

Feet play a significant role in ensuring that your daily activities get done well and ease movement.

Enhances Body Relaxation

Throughout the pedicure process, you will enjoy maximum stress relief. The massage sessions during the pedicure process work well to ensure that your body relaxes well and moves around comfortably.

NOTE: To benefit from the pedicure, make it a habit to have a pedicure at least once per month, and after a while, you will notice the massive difference in your overall health.

How to Take Care of Your Toenails

To make sure that your toenails are healthy at all times, observe the following care tips:

  • Trim your nails on a regular basis.
  • Wear fitting shoes to avoid hurting your toenails
  • Keep your feet clean at all times.
  • Get a pedicure at least once per month.


Some individuals have short toenails, not because of their habits but because of genetics.

Having short nails is expected, so it shouldn’t worry you too much. You can visit your pedicurist at any time and get a pedicure for healthy toenails.

Try getting a pedicure at least once per month. Also, make sure to avoid habits that may cause short nails, such as cutting them too short.

Taking care of your nails directly translates to improved general health. For this reason, pay keen attention to your feet’ care to live a healthy lifestyle.

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