Should I Wash My Feet Everyday?

When taking a shower, some people mainly focus on their armpits and the groin area. Sometimes you totally forgot to wash your feet simply because you might think it is getting enough love and support from all the soap coming from the top of your body down to the bottom. But the truth is that this is not the case, and you should be paying more attention to your feet.

Should I wash my feet every day? Yes, it is essential to practice foot care and always wash your feet. It will make sure all the bacterias will be pushed away, and you will only have a fresh, well-moisturized, and clean feet.

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In this short read, you will understand the importance of washing your feet and why it is essential to do daily.

Washing Your Feet To Cut Down Smell And Exfoliate

When it comes to washing feet, one of the main reasons to do so is to cut down the smell and exfoliate it. If you look into Hygiene 101, regular washing the skin on your feet with water and soap is an easy way to stop them from smelling.

It is because your feet are covered in so much bacteria, just like the rest of your skin. These types of bacterias just so happen to cause foot odor and body odor in general. And these bacterias like to feed off with the waste products that come out of your sweat glands.

Another fact is that if you wash your feet often, it can help remove dead skin cells. If you practice scrubbing and brushing, it will exfoliate your feet. Skipping this part will only lead to skin prone to calluses. By washing your feet, you can prevent it from happening and get rid of them after exfoliating.

Washing Your Feet To Avoid Infections

When you think of infections, you won’t think of it coming from your feet. But you should think of it because your feet are vulnerable to infections too. Some pathogens are allowed to fester on your foot skin, and there’s more a possibility if you walk around barefoot.

One of the common infections with your feet is the Athlete’s foot, and it can cause unpleasant symptoms like itchiness, rash, flaky skin, and the cracking of the soles of your feet. It can even reach your hands, nails, and groin area through your hands or a towel.

On the other and, the user can treat this infection with antifungals. But you can prevent it from happening by wearing footwear around wet public spaces, washing your feet well, and drying your feet afterward.


When it comes to washing your feet, it will only depend on your lifestyle and habits. If you shower once a day or a couple of days, add scrubbing your feet to your usual routine. It will make all the difference in making sure that your feet are free from all bacterias and infection. It is not bad to shower your feet with more cleansing attention. They deserved it after all they work the hardest in all your body parts.

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