Take Care Of Your Hands and Reverse Aging Hands

Can You Reverse Aging Hands?

A beauty routine for the hands might sound a bit indulgent, yet it is essential since the hands are the first to tell your age.

A study published by the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery says that most women and men can guess a woman in her 40s or beyond by looking at her hands.

The reason is that the skin on the hands, chest, and neck only has a few sebaceous oil glands, making it age faster than other parts of the body.

Can you reverse aging hands? Yes. Studies show that you can only reverse the damage and reduce how your hands look by around 10 to 15 years off your real age.

If you wish to avoid or reverse aging hands, I have enlisted below some skincare tips to help you perfect your anti-aging hand care regime in no time. You can also learn the causes of aging hands below to help you avoid them.

Is It Possible To Reverse Aging Hands?

If you wish to stop your hands from aging, or it has already starting to show signs of aging, you can check out the ways on how to give your hands a more youthful look.

You can try some treatments for aging hands at the comfort of your homes, such as chemical peels and retinoids that can help to lighten discoloration on hands due to sun damage. Aside from that, these solutions help to treat irregular pigmentation.

There are times when you have to call a professional to help, such as a dermatologist, to provide you with plenty of treatment options to reverse your hands’ aging.

A dermatologist can also offer you options like soft tissue filler materials to make the appearance of bony-looking hands and ropy vessels disappear.

They might also suggest you undergo lasers to improve the texture of your skin and heal sun damage.

Another option to reverse aging hands is by the use of light therapy. Today’s most popular treatment is the Intense Pulsed Light or IPL, which utilizes light-based energy to lighten up sunspots to result in a more even skin tone.

However, prevention is always better as it works as the first method of defense against aging. Before a problem appears, start treating your hands with anti-aging solutions and prevent your hands from looking older.

Protect Your Hands From The Sun

As mentioned earlier, it is best to prevent aging than to reverse it. For this reason, you have to establish your own anti-aging hand care routine. You also have to take note that sun exposure plays a huge role in the aging process.

According to Dr. Allison Arthur, a dermatologist from Orlando, Florida’s Sand Lake Dermatology Center, Many years of cumulative sun exposure can lead to brown spots on the skin, along with wrinkles, thinning of the skin, and irregular pigmentation.

You can protect your skin from skin cancer and sunburns by applying sunscreen regularly and shield it from aging.

Unfortunately, most people do not think about their hands as they are more concerned about their face and other skin surfaces exposed to the sun.

Doctor Arthur said that the hands are not equally protected as the other areas of the skin covered by makeup, clothing, and others and are exposed to the sun daily.

To top it all, the sun causes ultraviolet radiation, leading to around 80 percent skin changes lined with aging. A lot of people don’t give proper attention to their hands when applying sunscreen.

You do not fail to deliberately cover your hands with sunscreen, but doing so obviously has accumulated aging consequences.

And even though all of us are searching for the perfect hand cream for aging hands, it seems like the best option of all might be good old SPF.

What Else Stimulates Hand Aging?

While sun exposure significantly contributes to the aging of hands, UV rays are not the only factor that makes the hands look older. Since the hands are exposed to water, wind, sun, and it works a lot, it ages faster than other parts of the body.

Your habits and daily routine like washing dishes, frequent hand washing, cleaning using chemicals, and neglecting the use of hand cream can strip moisture from your hands. When your hands are dry, it is more susceptible to aging.

Particular medications, hereditary factors, and medical conditions can also contribute to your hands’ skin thinning. Also, do not forget that aging itself is the number one reason your hands look less youthful.

As people age, the skins’ elasticity and production of collagen start to decrease. For this reason, the skin on your hands feels and looks more fragile.

Unfortunately, the hands are mostly uncovered, making every change in their appearance noticeable.

Begin Taking Care Of Your Hands

If you are conscious of your looks, anti-aging moisturizers and facial serums might be already a consistent part of your skincare routine. But, have you included using hand cream to reverse the aging of your hands?

If hand creams are not your thing, you should consider using one today as it helps to keep hands looking youthful.

Do not wait for winter to remind you to start moisturizing your hands, only to avoid cracked skin.

Most people know that they should have a proper skincare routine intended for their face.

Doing so can help to prevent and minimize the signs of aging. Unfortunately, the hands are usually neglected as a part of any skincare regimen, which is why they show our real age.

Aside from that, the skin found in the back of the hands is thinner compared to our face and other parts of the body. It is the reason why it is more vulnerable to sun damage and wrinkles.

Like the skin on the neck and face, the skin on the back of the hands has different needs. Compared to the face, the hands include fewer sebaceous glands, which produces sebum.

Sebum is an oily substance that protects the skin by providing a waterproof effect and lubrication. Since the skin on the hands has fewer sebaceous glands, your hands become more prone to dryness.

The hands are used for almost everything, whether it is cleaning, cooking, exercising, typing, and many more, so they deserve more care. It is not too early or too late to establish an anti-aging hand routine.

Your hands also need proper care, just like your face or any other part of the body, to reverse and prevent aging hands.

You can try even the simplest ways to slow down the aging in your hands. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to establish an over a top hand care routine.

For instance, some of the products you use on your anti-aging facial regimen are also useful for your hands. Apply sunblock with UVB and UVA protection on your hands or an antioxidant if desired.

Tips To Reverse Aging Hands

Here are some of the tips you can try to reverse or prevent aging hands:

  • Go the extra mile – If you live in Arizona or areas where extreme temperatures are experiences like New England, it is best to be extra in your hand care routine. Try using luxuriously hydrating hand cream to the back and front of the hands, especially at night.

    Also, wear a spa glove for more than an hour, once every week. You might find it silly, but it can help achieve a spa-like treatment and help the hands absorb moisture to fight dryness.

  • Apply sunscreen to the back of the hands and always reapply – Use your favorite sunscreen to protect your hands from UV rays. If you are not fond of sunscreen, try using a hand cream with a high level of SPF protection.

  • Find the best hand cream to keep hands youthful – Search for a hand cream that has ceramides that are molecules that can form a protective layer on the skin and retain moisture.

    Those who are handling papers during the day or working on a computer and do not want a greasy feeling on your fingertips and palms to apply a dollop of moisturizer on the back of one hand. Afterward, rub the backs of your hands together to avoid applying cream on your palms.

  • Switch up your moisturizer at night – At night, use a protein-rich hand cream that contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which helps to plump up the skin.

    Also, Emblica, a natural way to lighten skin that corrects age spots along with a water-reactivated formula to avoid the need for reapplication. Aside from that, it should also have essential oils or soothing extracts to get added hydration.

  • Try Using different treatments for aging hands – The use of mild exfoliant solutions is also ideal for your hands’ back. Use it once weekly to remove dead skin and let the skin absorb SPF and moisturizer.

  • Cover things up – Try using ultraviolet protective gloves to keep your hands covered and protected against sun damage along with other elements that contribute to aging.

    You don’t have to use it all the time. Use gloves when riding a bike, driving your car, or going for walks to preserve the moisture on your hands and protect them against friction.


To conclude, it is possible to reverse the aging of the skin in your hands. But, it is always better to prevent the aging process.

Protect your hands from the damaging effects of the sun and other elements that contribute to aging to keep your hands youthful-looking. Also, try the tips I have mentioned earlier to see amazing results.

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