What Are The Best Baby Nail Clippers?

Most mothers experience a pleasant feeling when looking at their baby’s tiny fingers and toes. But for a new parent, cutting the nails of your baby might feel kind of intimidating, thinking that you might put too much stress that can cause wounds. The good news is that there are nail clippers that are designed just for babies, safer, and made for their needs.

What are the best baby nail clippers? The list includes Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier from The First Years, FridaBaby Snipper Clipper Set, Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper, Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors, Electric Nail Trimmer By Zo-Li, and Care Safety Nail Clipper By Baby Comfy.

In this article, I will list down different baby nail clippers that are perfect for your baby’s nail and the reasons why many recommend these products. I will also discuss some helpful tips that parents or guardians can use when cutting their baby’s nails.

Lists Of Baby Nail Clippers

There are different varieties of nail clippers that new parents can choose from. Check some of it below:

1. Deluxe Nail Clipper With Magnifier By The First Years

This baby nail clipper is built-in with a magnifying glass, which helps parents see the baby’s fingernails better. Because it lets them zoom with four times the magnification, making it perfect for visually impaired parents. Plus, it also comes with an ergonomic handle for parents to have a tighter grip.

It’s hard to find time to make your baby still, but don’t worry because this clipper is easy and safe to use.

2. FridaBaby Snipper Clipper Set

This nail clipper set has a spy hole that is directly above the clippers for the main reason that parents can see what they’re going to clip before they snip. There are also other safety features like its curved shape, overlapping blades that prevent nicks whenever your baby moves. It also comes with an S-shape nail file that is easy and safe to use, especially for sharp corners.

3. Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

If your baby happens to be a sound sleeper, then this one’s a perfect partner. Because this nail clipper has an LED light, plus with a targeted flashlight at the end of the clippers, that shines light just exactly where you need it, this type of clipper has a plastic catch also for discarded trimmings to help you get things tidy.

The LED automatically turns on whenever you open the clippers. If you don’t want to use it, don’t worry because it’ll automatically time out. Another feature of this nail clipper is its battery isn’t replaceable. There is also a version that has a magnifying glass but with no light.

4. Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors

If you’re a type of parent that is OC and wants to clip your baby’s nail, then this one’s for you. Because the baby’s nails are super soft, with these scissors, it has no sharp edges to file down and no noise. To keep the baby safe while not in use, these scissors have cover storage.

5. Electric Nail Trimmer By Zo-Li

Though it’s not a nail clipper, it still helps cut the baby’s nail. It’s an emery board on steroids that no matter how squirmy your baby is, it’s still safe. This electric trimmer comes with four different pads that are color-coordinated according to age. Two power settings make sure there will be a proper level of abrasion for the baby’s nails.

6. Care Safety Nail Clipper By Baby Comfy

This comfy nail clipper has a single design that gives parents a foolproof perfect for cutting tiny nails. The ledge underneath the blade will help keep the baby’s skin from getting cut, whenever you press down the clipper. That if you want to cut your baby’s nail shorter, you need to press down the fingertip up closer against the ledge. 

Special Features To Look For When Buying Nail Clippers

We now live in a world wherein even a baby nail clipper is high-tech. That’s why we want to help and give you some special tips you can look for when buying a nail clipper:

  • LED light – It is a light wherein the person cutting the nail can see clearly what to cut. It can also help you cut their nails even in a dark room. Which is one advantage because you can cut your baby’s nail while sleeping.

  • Battery power – This special feature of a nail clipper is perfect for those parents who want nothing but only to hold their baby’s finger.

  • Nail clippers – If you are afraid to leave any jagged edges due to baby’s movements, this feature is the solution. They say that you’ll find it tricky for the first time to use this on your baby’s nails, you just need to be patient.

  • Curved edges – Will help you avoid or prevent cutting something that you shouldn’t.

  • Magnifying glass – Is a feature that all parents would love because of it, it’ll help parents get a better look at what they’re doing. That it’ll help parents prevent from accidentally nicking your baby’s skin.

  • Fun design – Is one feature that your baby would love. Because with these, they will think that cutting or trimming nails isn’t that dangerous at all.

Secrets To Successfully Cut Your Baby’s Nail

Scared is one mutual feeling that all first-time parents would feel when cutting their baby’s nail for the first time. That though their nails are soft and pliable than outs, still, it can cause them scratches. That is why trimming regularly is important. They say that baby’s fingernails often grow faster compared to the toenails. To help you cope with it, we listed some helpful tips on how you can successfully trim your baby’s nails.

Try To File Them

It’s proven that filing your baby’s nail using an emery board is easier, and the safest way to do it. And experts say that when filing, you need to be tender and be careful not to file under the nail bed. When filing, don’t use a metal nail file, because it’s still too rough for the baby’s skin.

Clip While Baby Is Sleeping

If you are afraid, you might cut a baby’s skin while clipping, the best alternative to it is to clip while sleeping. But though they’re soundly sleeping, make sure that you have enough light for the task.

Distract Them And Make Them Feel Relax

Trimming a baby’s nail while they’re awake is one of the hardest tasks to do. That’s why it’s recommended to have a distraction and make them feel relaxed while you’re doing it. Newborns are more alert, and they tend to clench their fists, tightening the gap between the nail and the fingertip. Making them feel relaxed is your primary goal to have successful trimming or clipping.

A good time to do it is right after their bath. It is because they feel relaxed, and their nails are soft. However, if your baby is tense, take a break and calm down before doing it again. You may sing them a song to make them feel relaxed.

Seek Help From Others

If unsure and afraid to do it on your help, you can always ask for someone’s help. It could be from one of your siblings or parents.

You can also ask your partner to hold the baby for you to keep them fro wiggling too much.

Put Mittens

Being a busy mom is one of the reasons why some can’t cut their baby’s nail. You can’t avoid this, so better put mittens on to ensure that they won’t scratch themselves, especially when they’re sleeping. Parents should remember not to bite their baby’s nails because it might introduce germs to them, or it may be ragged. Plus, you might bite into their soft flesh too.

The worst thing happens like nicking your baby’s finger and toes. When this happens, don’t fret. Rinse the cut with cool water, then cover with sterile gauze or a cloth. Then apply a little pressure on it and hold briefly. When the bleeding stops, apply some antibiotic cream and avoid putting on bandages because the baby might choke to it.

Use A Baby Nail Clipper

When clipping your baby’s nails, you should think of it as if your own. To do it, gently push back the fingertip from the nail, so there’s a clipper space. In this way, it helps prevent clipping your baby’s finger. While for toenails, you slipt straight across, keep a firm hold onto their toes as you clip.

Using scissor-shaped clippers or manicure scissors are recommended. And you can also use smooth rough edges with an emery board.

Are There Specific Nail Shapes For Babies?

Keeping your baby’s nails nice and straight are two of the main specific rules you need to remember when clipping their nails. You can’t go too short and avoid trimming around the curve of their fingers. Though they are still babies, they can still get ingrown nails if you cut down the sides of their toenails. And digging into the sides of their nails will also cause an infection.


To conclude, clipping baby’s nails are among the common challenges that a new-parent encounter. But with the help of experienced moms and the people you love, you can be successful in doing it. Of course, it might take time. Also, remember that baby’s nails are soft and flexible, so better to follow some precautionary measures to avoid clipping their skin.

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