What Can I Use Instead Of A Nail Brush?

When it comes to perfect nail application, there are more things to consider than your simple techniques. A good technique is essential, but having the right tools will help you achieve better results quicker and easier.

What can I use instead of a nail brush? A good alternative is to use your old liquid eyeliner application if you do not have a nail brush. They have the same construction of normal nail brushes, but if you can use a nail brush, use it while you can.

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In this article, you will know some alternative methods to achieve your desired nail polish, even without the use of a nail brush. It will also discuss the right brushes for UV gel application and acrylic applications.

Alternative Nail Art Brush

Like many other people out there who do their nails on a day to day basis, people who opt to do their own nails face a dilemma of not owning the right brush. Some even have to improvise for them to save time and money instead of going to a salon.

You might not have the things that are needed for these dramatic designs. Yet, you can still play with your imagination. Many people were able to provide a good alternative if they missed a nail art brush.

Good thing that you can utilize your old liquid eyeliner application. It is the perfect alternative for your nail brushes because they have the same construction. It might not be a perfect choice, and some nail professionals might be shaking their heads.

Using A Liquid Eyeliner Applicator For Your Nails

There might be a lot of discussions about this alternative, but believe it or not. It does work, and turning your liquid eyeliner applicator into a nail art precision brush is quite easy. Here’s how to use your old eyeliner applicator as a nail brush:

  1. The first thing to do is to make sure that you use all of your liquid eyeliner. It is because you do not waste what you spend with your hard-earned money. If you have old eyeliner sitting in your makeup corner, you can use that one.

  2. You do not need the bottle or the container of the eyeliner product itself. You required the top with the brushes on it.

  3. Next, The ensure that ext thing to do is to make sure your eyeliner applicator is clean. Rinse it properly using lukewarm water and then apply some rubbing alcohol to disinfect it. You only used it to apply on your face and probably take it back into the bottle. However, make sure to avoid the risk of any infections or bacteria.

  4.  Use a nail polish remover to clean the eyeliner applicator after the soak. You may find it a bit redundant, but you just need to take extra precautions when reusing stuff. Plus, it can get rid of the leftover liquid from the eyeliner itself.

  5. Once you can clean the eyeliner applicator properly, you can now dip the applicator in your favorite varnish or nail polish. The eyeliner applicator will be an excellent way to do some intricate and fine designs of your choice. Just bear in mind to always have a nail polish remover at all times to clean it afterward.

Alternative Brushes For UV Gel Application

UV gel application usually requires the use of a standard size 4 or 5 flat brush. These brushes are perfect for creating nail extensions, and they are optimally shaped and size for easy pickup and nail application. Usually, these brushes are often made with synthetic bristles to clean easily, which can last long.

Gel polish is usually applied with a brush that it arrives with. But there are always circumstances where it gets lost in the process. It can also break, and all the bristles will fall off. It is why it is essential to have an alternative brush for this.

One of the alternative brush you can use is your makeup brush. There is plenty of makeup brush. You can use your nail application as it comes with a wide range of flat brushes.

Alternative Brushes For Acrylic Application

When it comes to acrylic application, there are plenty of factors to be considered before you select a brush. Acrylics are required to have a brush that is made from kolinsky, also known as sable hair.

Kolinsky is a type of hair that is gathered from a type of weasel found in the regions of Russia and China. They used natural hair as it provides natural thickness towards the belly of the brush.

When you first start making an acrylic nail application, you usually use a smaller brush, a size 6 or a size 8. These brushes are ideal, to begin with as they can lift a smaller bead of acrylic, allowing you to master precision. They also allow you to learn the ability to find the right ratio of powder and your way of control.

If you are looking for alternative brushes for acrylic nail application, you can use your makeup brush to find the right size of the brush that can hold the acrylic correctly. You need to find a brush that can hold and stabilize the acrylic, and that is smooth in terms of application.


To conclude, you can use literally anything that can let you do the same thing that a nail brush does. Besides, it will always depend on the person on how their imagination limits them. There are plenty of alternative brush options for nail enthusiasts.

But if you are looking for the right precision and application, you might need to purchase a new set of nail brushes specific for the type of application. Remember to start working with a brush from within your product brand range. This way, you will be more inclined and able to achieve the nail art you are looking for.

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