What Does Soaking Your Feet In Epsom Salt Do?

An Epsom salt is a magnesium sulfate compound that is compared to sodium table salt, usually utilized for foot-related problems. It has been utilized since the beginning of time as a healing agent and a pain reliever.

What does soaking your feet in Epsom salt do? Epsom salt reduces the pain that is related to inflammation. It is beneficial and an excellent remedy to all your foot-related issues. Some people claim that it promotes healing and reduces all pain symptoms.

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In this short read, you will understand the importance of using Epsom salt to your feet and what makes it the best regimen to include in your foot care.

Benefits Of Epsom Foot Soaks

You usually use Epsom salt for bath and foot soak to ease all muscle soreness and gives you some soothing effect. According to experts, soaking in Epsom salt bath allows magnesium to penetrate the skin.

Once it penetrates the outer layer of the skin, it will eliminate toxins inside the body and heavy metals. Absorbing magnesium through Epsom salt foot soak provides the following benefits:

Decreasing Symptoms Of Athlete’s Foot

One of Epsom Salt foot’s main uses soaks it that it can get rid of possible symptoms of athlete’s foot. It might not kill the fungus that causes the athlete’s foot. However, it can reduce and draw the moisture out. This way, it is less more appealing to fungus because there’s no chance they will survive in it.

Easing Inflammation

There might not be enough evidence to prove that using Epsom salt can eliminate the toxins of the body. However, with Epsom salt foot soak, the absorption of magnesium through the skin may boost the body’s levels of minerals. As a result, this can help reduce inflammation. Reducing inflammation will ease the pain and stiffness associated with known foot problems such as arthritis and gout.

Exfoliating The Skin

Epsom salt is made of a crystallized compound structure. Therefore, it can provide enough exfoliation of your dead skin cells in your feet. The foot soak can also decrease the dryness and roughness of the skin and promote healthy and softer feet.

Reducing Odor

It is a proven remedy that any foot soak can alleviate foot odor and clean your feet. Keeping your feet clean as well as free from bacteria and other fungi will benefit your overall foot care.


Some of these might be anecdotal, and research is limited, but there are plenty of benefits when using an Epsom salt foot soak. It can reduce itching, decrease in inflammation and swelling, and get rid of soreness. The risks of trying Epsom salt are pretty minimal, and for most people, it is worth a try. Always consult your doctor if you experienced some side effects from it.

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