What Happens If You Never Wash Your Feet?

It is a big mystery when people take a bath, yet never washes their feet. Washing your feet is essential in hygiene because it contains about 250,000 sweat glands that produce a bad odor.

What happens if you never wash your feet? Failing to wash your feet would result in Athlete’s Foot and Staph Infection. The benefits that you can get for washing your feet is to remove dead skins and prevent fungal accumulation.

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You will be learning about the outcome of not washing your feet regularly in this article. Aside from that, I will discuss the health benefits that contributes to your hygiene.

The Result Of Not Washing Your Feet

It’s essential to be meticulous in every bit of your body. Every inch of your skin contains pores where bacteria can get into your body, especially your feet, which happened to possibly the first one to get prone to dirt.

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s Foot is an unpleasant smell due to fungal infection. People acquire these most when they walk barefoot in wet places, which allowed fungi to thrive. The symptoms would often start in simple itchiness until the soles crack, and the smell gets worse.

What’s even worse is it can spread to your hands and groin area through towels or hands. However, there were remedies for Athlete’s Foot, when you soak your feet in hot waters for a couple of minutes.

Staph Infection

This kind of infection occurs due to Staphylococcus bacteria. It can go unnoticed at first because it can enter through a small cut. However, when unattended, this can result in a serious infection and eventually turn into pockets of pus that grow or pop on hair follicles. They can be painful when you pop them, so you’ll need an antibiotic to treat them.

Benefits Of Washing Your Feet

Regularly washing your feet would help not only to your hygiene but also to your total health. Here are the benefits of washing your feet:

Prevents Fungal Accumulation

It’s always a turnoff when someone smells you badly. You have to consider cleaning your feet to avoid Athlete’s Foot and over sweating. Rinsing them daily with warm water would help eliminate these odors.

Remove Dead Skin

Dead skin is always unclean, and your feet would rather look unattractive with many calluses on it. Scrubbing your feet while you’re taking a bath or regularly taking yourself to a foot spa would always help.


It is always recommended that you should always clean your feet and never neglect it. At some point, your feet are the most prone to accumulate dirt among all parts of your body. By washing your feet, you would get healthier internally and avoid the unpleasant impression, such as smelly feet.

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