What Is Base Gel For Nails?

Many people like to think that it is okay to skip one step when it comes to their manicures and pedicures at home. Apparently, you should not because otherwise, you are jeopardizing your manicure’s longevity according to nail technicians.

Take for example when you want to build a house, you need to start with a good foundation, and a base coat is your basis for having a long-lasting manicure.

What is a base gel for nails? Gel polish base coat acts as a double-sided tape, bonding your nail. It will allow a tacky layer to bond with the gel polish layers until you reach the topcoat. Without applying the base coat, you will have to redo your nails to last for a while.

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Discover the benefits of having a gel polish base in your manicure routine below. You will also learn the reason why it is essential not to skip it.

Benefits Of Using Base Gel Coat

When it comes to applying a base gel coat, it is vital to know all its benefits. You can enjoy numerous advantages if you use the base coat correctly, here are some of them:

Makes Your Manicure Longer

Base get acts like double-sided tape for your nails, and together with plasticizers to make them flexible, base coats comes with an extra boost of cellulose chemicals that makes it sticky.

It sticks to the nail below, and then it also sticks to the polish above to prolong your manicure and allow them to be flexible enough to move the nail as it bends.

Prevents Polish From Staining Your Nails

Have you ever tried applying a hot red color into your nails, and it easily gets stained by some yellow pigment?

The chances are, you did not use a base coat, and some staining will occur because of a chemical reaction. It is between the ingredients in your nail polish and your nail plates.

Applying a base coat will be your first line of defense against staining as it provides a clear protective layer between your nail and the pigment of the nail polish.

Handy Problem Solvers

Many base gel coats are packed with different ingredients that adhere to several nail issues. Make sure to read the labels first to decide which one suits your needs.

If you have extra dry nails, it is essential to choose the ones with a lot of moisturizing ingredients to keep the nails in a tip-top condition.

If you are having an issue with your uneven nail surface, choose a base coat with ridge-filling properties. It will provide a thicker base to even out the indentations in the nail before applying the color coat.


Overall, the base gel coat is a necessary procedure you should not skip when it comes to your manicures and pedicures.

They protect your nails and give you the best output when it comes to nail enhancements. If you are yet to realize what to get or how it works, you can always consult with your nail technician.

They will be capable of providing you some precautionary measures to avoid any complications.

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