What Kind Of Brush Is Best For Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are applied to conceal undesirable sight of nails. Because of its popularity, the majority of women are shifting from real nails to acrylic nails. But, to achieve the perfect application of acrylic nails, one must know the best equipment to use.

What kind of brush is best for acrylic nails? Choosing the best brush for an acrylic nail needs more consideration. The right brush for you will depend on your experience and comfort. If you’re a beginner, start with the small size brush – if you’re experienced, the larger brush size is the best.

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Read on to know more about what brush is best to use for acrylic nails. I will also discuss the benefits of getting acrylic nails.

Brush For Acrylic Nails

Application of acrylic nails not only requires skills, but it also needs the proper tools. Skills are essential, but choosing the right tools will help you achieve a better outcome in an easier but efficient way. Get ready to create the perfect acrylic nail.

The acrylic nail brush is usually provided by the manufacturer, but not because it came with the package that it’s the best. But I highly suggest using a brush from the same range as that of the acrylic gel product. Brushes of the same range are designed to create a particular outcome using a specific product.

Later on, you will be able to master your craft, which will allow you to mix and match different ranges of an acrylic applicator with a different brush.

How To Pick The Best Brush

You must understand the importance bought by using the best brush for acrylic nails. The brush is the focal point for the best result.


1. Small Size Brush

Beginners commonly use the small brush size for applying acrylic nails. Size could either be six or eight. Smaller size brushes are effective in lifting a smaller bead of acrylic. It will allow you to master the application of the three zones.

Small size brush will also give you the power to estimate the ratio of liquid to powder slowly. Whenever you purchase the acrylic nail starter kit, expect to have this in the package.

2. Large Size Brush

After a while, you might want to reduce treatment timings, to do so, use a larger size of the acrylic brush. Larger size acrylic brush will save you time since you can pick up a larger amount of bead product. Using a large amount of bead, you can efficiently cover a larger portion of nail with less stroke.


1. Synthetic Bristles

The synthetic bristles are durable compared to the other acrylic bristle. The flexibility and strength of the bristles will allow the brush to go back to a point when wet. It has a structure called medulla that absorbs the moisture.

2. Natural Bristles

Natural bristles provide a more natural thickness to the belly of the brush, allowing it to hold the liquid effectively. However, the natural brush will require more maintenance, such as cleaning it properly after every application of acrylic to prevent the brush from being damaged and stiff.


1. Round-tipped Acrylic Brush

A round-tipped acrylic brush is versatile. It is the most commonly picked brush shape for applying acrylic nail products. It can be used to flatten the acrylic nail plate with the use of the broadest part of it.

2. Contour-shaped Acrylic Brush

The contour-shaped is used by artists or nail technicians with lesser experience. It takes the guesswork out of shaping a naturally curved arched nail.

3. Small Pointed Acrylic Brush

A small pointed acrylic brush is best used when doing complex sculpture artwork.

4. Oval-shaped tip Acrylic Brush

Now when it comes to applying powder to the tips of the nails, this shape is the preferred brush of technicians. It gives easier ways of forming a natural-shaped small line.


The cheapest brush for acrylic nails cost around $10 each, while the most expensive brushes cost anywhere from $50-$100. Brushes that have most hair will cost more.

But whenever you buy the expensive ones, rest assured that the quality is far better than that of the affordable ones. Expensive brushes are designed to have a more secured ferrule, thus less shedding.

The temptation will be hard for you whenever you see a cheap brush. Yet, a cheaper brush means lower quality that will result in constant brush replacement.

Small-sized Brush vs Larger-sized brush

As you gain experience and become a pro in applying acrylic nails, you’ll prefer the larger brush size. A smaller sized brush will take up much of your time, honestly. It will make the process slower and longer. But, with a large size brush, the work can be done in a jiffy.

Despite the large size brush covering a larger area of the nail, you will still be using the 3 zone process. But, will no longer require the use of up to 3 beads to cover each zone. However, to ensure the correct ratio of powder to liquid, it will require the practice of good technique.

Avoid creating poor adhesion to the nails by applying a small amount of powder, and also avoid flooding the nails. Both will only create poor results.

The smaller-sized brush can be a bit trickier than the larger-sized brushes. When you use a small-sized brush, you will also be applying many small beads. The application of many small beads creates a tackier and thicker layer of nail extensions.

The larger-sized brush uses a lesser amount of beads. Therefore it won’t create any thick layer of nail extensions. It will provide you the perfect balance of nail extensions not being too thick nor too thin.

Reduced nail fillings are less likely to break. It provides a stronger and more stable grip of nail extensions to the real nails.

Also, a larger-sized brush can still pick up a smaller bead when you start to infill and rebalance the nails. So, this won’t limit your ability in utilizing a finely detailed artwork.

Acrylic Nail Brush Considerations

Caring for the brushes correctly will keep any quality nail brush in shape. Nail artists, however, use a more extensive way of caring for their brushes. They often use an acrylic nail brush solution that removes the leftover acrylic buildup from the bristles.

Do not bend the bristles too much when cleaning the brush or it will result in brittleness and brush breakage. After cleaning the brush, carefully reshape the brush with your clean fingertips.

Popularly Bought Acrylic Nail Brush

Rolabling Kolinsky Sable Brush Acrylic Nail

The Rolabling Kolinsky Sable Brush has natural bristles that also comes in the size of 8. It may be cheaper, but it is also a good acrylic nail brush—a good pick for your arsenal.

But it might be difficult for first-timers to use because the brush handle is slightly thinner. However, the pointed tip would still paint the acrylic nails just fine. Its kolinsky sable bristles are not prone to clumping.

Pana Kolinsky

The Pana Kolinsky acrylic nail brush has bristles made out of 100% kolinsky sable hair. The brush bristle is oval. It comes in seven varying sizes, so you could choose which brush size you’d prefer.

Makartt 6pcs Poly

If you are looking for the perfect DIY nail set, consider this one. It will help you take your skills up a notch. This set has all the essentials. The metal handles are strong, plus it comes with caps and a handy brush roll that keeps your tools protected.

Reonyx Acrylic Nail Brush

The Reonyz Acrylic Nail Brush is the best synthetic nail brush, yet. This beautiful synthetic brush is available in the size of 8 and has the ideal pointed tip. What’s good about this brush is that it is not expensive, but still does it work efficiently.

Advantage Of Acrylic Nails

Now I’ll talk about the benefits brought by the acrylic nails.

Acrylic nails can give shape and length than that of the natural ones. Plus you can add more decoration. Aside from being stylish and enticing, acrylic nails protect natural nails from the damaging effects of agents such as enamels.

They are much sturdier than natural nail artworks. Acrylic nails are the perfect nail artwork for women who have weaker nails. Also, its durability only requires maintenance of at least every 15-25 days. 

When a nail gets broken, you can easily rebuild them, and still, look perfect.

Disadvantage Of Acrylic Nails

Of course, everything has drawbacks. Abusing the use of acrylic nails can affect the growth of the natural nails, so to avoid this do not reapply daily. But, remember that if you’re not an experienced nail artist, avoid removing them to prevent natural nail damage.

If proper hygiene and maintenance are not observed, prepare for infections. Take note that some of the chemicals used during the process have a bad smell. It is why it is essential to start the application of acrylic nails in a ventilated area to avoid suffocation.


To conclude, I would say that the best acrylic nail brush to use is the natural larger-sized oval-shaped brush. Natural brushes are made of sable hairs, making it the most efficient. A larger-sized brush can still perform the job of a small-sized brush, while the oval-shaped brush offers better control.

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