Why Do My Hands Feel Dry After Washing Them?

Frequent hand-washing is a good habit to pick up. It is especially important at a time like now when illness spreads very quickly. However, washing your hands too often can also be harmful to your skin. 

Why do my hands feel dry after washing them? It might be because you are cleaning them too frequently. Too much of a good thing is actually bad for you. The dryness might also be caused by the hand soap you are using or the quality of your running water.

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After this article, you will understand the reasons why you have dry hands after washing. I will explain the reasons and talk about some possible remedies.

Reason Behind Dry Hands

Your hands might feel dry after washing them for a couple of reasons. Those reasons are: 

Washing Too Often

The reason might just be you are washing your hands more often than necessary. You should always wash your hands after using the bathroom or touching a dirty surface. There are some instances, however, where you do not have to wash them immediately. If you notice that you are washing them all the time, try to limit this.

Drying Hand Soap

In line with washing too often, the hand soap you are using might be making things even worse. Some soaps are very drying and completely strip the skin of moisture and natural oils. It gives you the squeaky-clean feeling after a wash. The truth is that this does not mean your hands are cleaner, just that the soap made your hands drier.

Low-Quality Water

Sometimes, the problem has to do with the quality of the running water in your community. If this is the case for you, try calling maintenance to do some check-ups.

Remedies For Dry Hands

Dry hands are not a big deal, and you can solve this problem easily. Here are some suggestions for home remedies:

Changing Your Soap

If your soap is drying out your hands, try to make a switch. Go for a hand soap that has moisturizing properties. Most soaps work the same, and you do not need that squeaky-clean feeling to be clean.

Wear Gloves

It might sound silly, but if you are a frequent hand-washer, this could help. Wearing gloves, especially when you are cleaning or working with your hands, protects your skin. You will not have to wash your hands all the time, and the gloves will also lock the moisture in.


When we moisturize, we often neglect our hands. These body parts need to be taken care of too. After you hop out of the shower, put lotion all over your body, including your hands. Apply some lotion to your hands before you go to bed as well.

Drink More Water

If the above ways do not work, you might only be very dehydrated. Try to increase your daily water intake. Even if you are drinking the recommended daily amount, drink more. We all have different needs, and your body might need more than just eight glasses a day.


Dry hands after washing is a common problem, but an easy one to solve. Don’t let this hinder you from staying clean and hygienic.

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