Will Nail Fungus Grow Out?

When a nail infection occurs, toenails are more commonly affected than fingernails. Likely its bigger suffers from footwear strain, has poor hygiene, in a closed space where fungi can grow. While fungal nail infections are not life-threatening, they are a major health problem due to their limited prevalence and a low response to therapy. There are different types of fungus, yeast-like candida, and molds.        

Will nail fungus grow out? Nail fungus doesn’t grow out because it binds to a particular portion of the nails. As the nail grows, a part of the nail moves, so does the fungus, which makes it harder to detect.

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As you continue to read, fungus can’t easily grow out though they are bound to some portion of our nails.

Growing Nail Pattern

There is a study that shows when the nail continues to grow, a fungus with it continues to grow too. Once the nail plate is infected, there’s no assurance the growing nails will grow healthy as you expected.

Usually, new nails grow beautifully and healthy because of some treatments being done while the nail patterns change. That’s why it’s advisable that when you already there’s a nail infection, it is better to see a specialist.        

Nails with severe infections after 12 months of continuous treatment may still look traumatized. It will take about nine months to completely mature even if the nails’ plate develops.

And even when the infection is eliminated, you’ll see that there’s a long-term effect on the nails. It may not always be painful, but remember when the nail gets thicker and pushed down, you’ll feel the pain.

That’s why when you go to a doctor, using a scalpel blade, they will draw a line on the nail. It is to make sure where the base of the fungus is.

ou can follow the marking as soon as the nail grows out. And if freshly grown nails show discoloration, there’s a need for follow-up treatment.

Symptoms Of Nail Fungus Infection

If you’re unaware of what nail fungus infection may look like, two main symptoms help you determine it. These are discoloration with odor and a Change in Nail shape.

  1. Discoloration and odor – Nail infection first phase will show the gray, greenish, or brownish spot that gets darker as days pass by. It will also produce a slightly bad odor. That is a sign that it separated from its nail bed, the process called onycholysis.
  2. Change in shape – Nail infection doesn’t cause a pit on the nails. Instead, its shape changes over time, and when it continues to grow, it becomes thin, and some patches cause it to break.


In general, fungus on the nail can’t be outgrown even if there’s a new nail that’s growing. Instead, it only makes it harder for doctors to determine where the base of the fungus.

If you let your nail grow with fungus, chances are it transfers from one toe to another. Having those symptoms stated, don’t wait for it to worsen, go to the clinic and have the doctors checked it.

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