Your Hands Are Looking Like Old Hands Because

Why Do My Hands Look Like Old Lady Hands?

The face is considered by most people as their glory, and when it comes to different beauty routines, there are plenty of creams to prevent all wrinkles and dark spots.

There are UV-shielding sunscreens, hydrating creams, and some wrinkle-reducing serums. But what about your hands, it still needs enough protection so the skin won’t sag or lose its healthy texture.

Why do my hands look like old lady hands? When it comes to old lady hands, there are multiple factors that you should be looking at. There might be some age spots, prominent veins, scaly skins, and some stained and brittle nails.

In this article, you will learn about the causes of “Old Lady Hands” and what are the things you can do to avoid it.

What Happens As Your Hands Age

As people grow older, their skin tends to be thin, and the fat in the back of your hands diminishes rapidly. This reduced volume and the decrease in elasticity will produce translucent skin that can be easily wrinkled. Eventually, you will notice that you will develop some age spots, and you won’t control it.

For the time being, your hands take some rough treatment from your day to day activities. It gets easily exposed to the sun and other noxious elements more than any part of the human body.

Because they do a lot in your daily routine, hands get washed more throughout the day. As you know, frequent washing, especially in hot water, removes all those natural oils that lubricate your skin and protect it from dryness and cracked surfaces.

Reasons Why Your Hands Look Old

Considering the work they do, it is no wonder that your hands seem to age faster than any human body part. This is why it is inevitable for it to look old and saggy.

But you should not be discouraged as there are several things you can do and a few that you should not do to keep your hands looking fresh and young.

Here are some factors that make your hands look old and ways to reverse them as easily as you spotted them.

Age Spots

The funny thing about these age spots lurking in your skin is that it does not have anything to do with age at all. Age spots result from too much sun exposure, so if you are a fan of the sun and enjoy sunbathing, you will get this earlier in your life. On a normal occasion, you will start to get this in your 50s.

To lessen the appearance of these age spots, you should be smoothing on a dime-sized dab of hand cream with SPF 30 before heading out. Then you can reapply them after you wash your hands or every two hours, even if you are only exposed to little sunlight.

There is also some OTC fade cream with 2% hydroquinone to remove some of the spots in your hands. Just make sure to follow the instructions found in the packaging before applying them to your skin.

Crepey Skin

If the back of your hand is starting to look like it is a crumpled reminiscent look of a gift bag stuffing, then you should apply some cream into it.

There is a prescription retinoid cream to improve the overall texture and promote thickening collagen growth.

There is Renova or Retin-A, which can be quite pricey but they deliver compared to OTC retinol. And since they are only for prescription, your dermatologist will be able to explain how and when to use them, so you get the most out of it with less irritation.

Prominent Veins

Prominent veins aren’t exactly fixable, as the only way to get rid of them for good is to invest in vein removal surgery. This kind of surgery is the removal of the veins right at the surface of your skin.

The good news is, there is a lesser invasive procedure. There are a few heavy-duty concealers and body cover creme that can instantly cover all your dark veins.

Scaly Skin

Your hands look like old lady skin because of the appearance of what you called scaly skins. There are nothing dry and scaly skins that mean young and healthy.

The good news is that you can find some ways and routines to return them into a smooth and plump texture. There are plenty of scrubs available in the market that will slough off the dead skin cells.

Then follow them with cream for an all-night moisture lock. Finish them by placing some plastic wrap and putting cotton gloves on top.

Stained Nails

Another reason that your hands look like its aging too fast is the presence of stained nails. This makes it worse if your nails become black or brown, and the first thing you should do is figure out why you have these stained nails.

If the discoloration persists and is accompanied by pain, it has something to do with fungal infection.

You need to check it with your doctor so they can provide proper treatment. But if the problem is not a fungal infection, you can sit back and relax as the discoloration is likely a harmless side effect.

You can run your nails with a lemon wedge just like rubbing off your nail polish as the natural fruit acids will light up your nail bed.

Brittle Nails

It does not look if you nail together with the other factors mentioned above. It looks brittle. There is no denying that it does not come out as healthy and young, which is because of different reasons.

Water or other chemical exposure, seasonal weather changes, and sometimes genetics can lead to brittle and breaking nails. With the right amount of supplements, you will be able to overcome this issue.

Just take a 2.5 mg dose of B Vitamin biotin as it helps improve your nail strength and reduces brittleness after 6 to nine months.


To fix your old-looking hands, all you need to do is properly moisturize and protect your hands. This will prevent all the factors mentioned above and see your vibrant and younger-looking skin.

If you have some issues, please visit your dermatologist to diagnose and give a proper prescription.

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